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1980s Photo Gallery

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The following photographs were submitted by Pete Sanders and date from the early 1980s.

Wroxham 1982

A photograph taken at Wroxham in 1982 - a scene which looks very different today! On the left is one of Jack Powles sheds, whilst the building on the right was the former Ernest Collins & Sons yard. These buildings were later demolished and a new housing development was built on the land.

Fair Hilton damage 1982

Also taken at Wroxham in 1982, the photograph above shows the damage caused to R636 “Fair Hilton” when it was taken under Wroxham Bridge with the sliding wheelhouse canopy still up. Pete Sanders remembers towing the canopy, which ended up in the river, back to the yard using the rowing boat which he was in when the incident occurred.

Fair Hilton damage 1982

Another photograph of the damaged “Fair Hilton”.

The Wherry Lord Roberts 1983

This is the wherry “Lord Roberts” pictured at Wroxham in 1983 shortly after it had been re-floated and moved there, having been sunk at Womack for a number of years. The Lord Roberts was built c1899 by Ben Benns at Somerton and apparently took three years to complete. She was used in her later years as a lighter to transport dredging spoil and, in 1969, was donated to the Norfolk Wherry Trust. The costs of maintaining  their existing wherry “Albion” have meant that the planned restoration of The Lord Roberts has not been possible, and she has remained submerged in a private dyke at Wroxham ever since.

The Wherry Lord Roberts 1983

Another picture of The Lord Roberts taken in 1983 showing the stern and rudder.

The Wherry Lord Roberts 1983

A closer view of The Lord Roberts.

The Wherry Lord Roberts 1983

Another closer view showing the stern and tabernacle.

The Wherry Lord Roberts 1983

The final picture of The Lord Roberts taken at Wroxham in 1983.

The following collection of photographs were submitted by David Campbell and date from 1987 and 1988. You can see more of David's photographs in the 1960s and 1990s galleries and also read the account of his first Broads holiday in 1968 in the personal memories section of the archive.

Rising Sun Coltishall 1987

A collection of vintage motorcycles pictured outside the Rising Sun at Coltishall in October 1987.

The motor cruiser Honeymooner at Belaugh in 1987

L98 “Honeymooner” moored at Belaugh in October 1987. Honeymooner was part of the Sutton Staithe boatyard fleet and the basic costs for the weeks hire was £150 plus a £25 security deposit and the same again for fuel.

The motor cruiser Honeymooner at Belaugh in 1987 Reedham Ferry 1987

Another photograph of “Honeymooner” at Belaugh. The wooden cruiser seen passing in the background was A220 “Aviemore”.

The Ferry Inn moorings at Reedham, also pictured in 1987.

Honeymooner at Stracey Arms 1987

“Honeymooner” moored at the Stracey Arms Mill.

Oulton Broad 1987

The maltings buildings at Oulton Broad.

Oulton Broad 1987

Oulton Broad Yacht Station - the overnight mooring fee in 1987 was £2.35.

Berney Arms Mill 1987 Great Yarmouth Yacht Station 1988

Berney Arms Mill - overnight mooring was chargeable at 75 pence in October 1987.

L635 “Delight 5” from Herbert Woods, seen moored at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station in May 1988.

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station 1988

Another photograph of “Delight 5” moored at Great Yarmouth in 1988 - The Suspension Bridge Tavern can be seen in the background. Booked through Pennant Holidays, the cost of a weeks hire was around £180 including the fuel and security deposits.

Vauxhall Bridge GReat Yarmouth 1988

Vauxhall Bridge at Yarmouth, also pictured in May 1988.

Geldeston Locks Inn 1988

The Locks Inn at Geldeston. Planning permission for the extension on the left was granted in the early 1980s and provided the extra space needed for a kitchen, toilets and restaurant area.

Coldham Hall 1988

Coldham Hall with “Delight 5” moored in the foreground.

Mautby Marsh Farm Mill 1988

Mautby Marsh Farm drainage mill on the lower Bure. By the early 1970s the mill had become derelict, but was bought c1980 by a Great Yarmouth solicitor who restored it and converted it for residential use.

Delight 5 moored at Acle in 1988

Another photograph of “Delight 5”, seen here moored at Acle.

Thurne Dyke Mill 1988

Thurne Dyke drainage mill, also pictured in May 1988.

Meadow Dyke on the Upper Thurne 1988

Meadow Dyke on the Upper Thurne.

Horsey Staithe 1988

The last of David Campbell’s photos from the 1980s shows “Delight 5” moored at Horsey.