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1960s Photo Gallery

The next collection of photographs belong to David Campbell, and were taken during a holiday aboard Langwith Avocet from the Norfolk Knights boatyard at Horning in late August/early September 1968. You can read David’s account of this trip in the personal memories section of the archive.

Woods Dyke Horning 1968

The entrance to Wood’s Dyke at Horning pictured in 1968.

Horning 1968

N524 “Langwith Avocet”, a centre cockpit Elysian 27, moored at Horning in 1968.

Horning 1968

A thatched cottage on the River Bure at Horning.

Deerfoot at Horning 1968

“Deerfoot” at Horning pictured in 1968. The holiday home stood on this site for 40 years, having only recently being pulled down. Construction of a replacement property began in 2008.

Burefield Horning 1968

“Burefield” at Horning, a.scene which has changed very little since this photograph was taken in 1968.

Ranworth 1968

The view from St. Helen’s Church tower at Ranworth, looking out across Malthouse Broad.

Thurne 1968 Thurne Dyke Mill 1968

The crew of “Langwith Avocet” pictured in front of Thurne Dyke Mill in 1968.

Thurne Dyke Mill itself with the sign advertising the Lion Inn which was, at this time, a Whitbread pub!

Sailing cruiser Dragonfly 1968

The sailing cruiser “Dragonfly” from Jack Powles of Wroxham.

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station 1968

A very busy yacht station at Great Yarmouth where, in the 1960s and 70s, boats were often moored three abreast. The cruiser which has run aground across the channel is “Fulmar” from Richardson's of Stalham.

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station 1968

Another picture of “Fulmar” at Great Yarmouth.  A609, seen in the foreground, was one of Landamores “Vestas” although, in 1968, it was being hired through Jenners of Thorpe.

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station 1968

Another busy scene at Great Yarrmouth Yacht Station.

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station 1968 Cantley 1968

Looking upstream at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station, with “Langwith Avocet” moored in the foreground.

A Ketch rigged yacht approaches the sugar beet factory at Cantley on the River Yare.

Reedham Ferry Inn 1968

The Ferry Inn at Reedham.

Reedham Ferry Inn 1968

Another photograph of the Ferry Inn at Reedham taken in September 1968.

Reedham Ferry 1968

The chain link ferry at Reedham, crossing the River Yare in 1968.

Reedhan Swing Bridge 1968

A cruiser passes beneath Reedham Swing Bridge in September 1968.

Red Mill at Reedham 1968

The Red Mill at Reedham with the owners Fairey Huntsman moored in front.

Hardley Mill 1968

A sailing cruiser passes Hardley Drainage Mill on the River Yare.

Brundall 1968

Cruising on the River Yare, approaching Brundall, in September 1968.

Brundall 1968

N524 “Langwith Avocet” from the Norfolk Knights boatyard of Horning, pictured here moored at the Yare Hotel in Brundall in September 1968.

Yare Hotel Brundall 1968

The Yare Hotel at Brundall.

Cruising on the River Yare 1968

One of the crew poses on the bow of Langwith Avocet as they cruise along the River Yare at Brundall in 1968.

Coaster on the River Yare 1968

A German coaster from Flensburg in the Baltic region, pictured on the River Yare at Bramerton.

The River Yare 1968

An unknown location on the Norfolk Broads from 1968, but thought to be the River Yare.

Norwich Yacht Station 1968

The River Wensum and Foundry Bridge at Norwich pictured in September 1968.

Oulton Broad Yacht Station 1968

Two of Langwith Avocet’s crew are photographed whilst moored at Oulton Broad Yacht Station.

Oulton Broad Yacht Station 1968

Another photograph taken at Oulton Broad in 1968.

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