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1960s Photo Gallery

The River Waveney pictured in 1961

More of Andrew Day’s collection of photographs from the early 1960s

The River Waveney pictured in 1961.

Reedham 1961

The River Yare at Reedham in 1961.

Loddon 1961

A Broom Captain, Y536, moored at Loddon in 1961. The varnished boat in front is a Broom Commander.

The River Bure 1961

A very busy scene on the River Bure in 1961.

Sailing on the River Bure in 1961 Sailing on the River Bure in 1961

Sailing on the River Bure in 1961 - the river cruiser nearest to the bank is “Dorothy”.

Another picture taken on the Bure in 1961.

South Walsham Broad 1961

South Walsham Broad in 1961. On the right is dredging equipment being used by May Gurney.

South Walsham Broad 1961

Another picture of the dredging at South Walsham from 1961 - the wherry “The Lord Roberts” can be seen in the background being used as part of the dredging operation.

Dredging on South Walsham Broad 1961

Another view of the dredging and “The Lord Roberts” at South Walsham.

Swan Inn Horning 1961

The Swan Inn at Horning pictured c1961.

Another set of photographs which belong to Andrew Day, these cover various holidays taken on the Broads by an unknown family between 1962 and 1968. Scanned from the original slides, there was some very oddly coloured film stock amongst the collection which have been difficult to correct, but I have included them on here for their historic interest.

Ranworth Staithe c1962

Ranworth Staithe and Malthouse Broad, photographed  very early in the year c1962. The motor cruiser seen on the left was A672 “Judith II” from the Martham Boat Development Company.

Ranworth c1962

Another photograph taken at Ranworth during March/April 1962. The Malsters public house can be seen on the left and was, at this time, still owned by the Steward and Patteson brewery which was later taken over by the Watney Mann Group. The licensee in 1961 was Geoffrey Pleasants.

Coaster on the River Yare near Reedham c196

One of F.T. Everard’s fleet of coasters, “Sonority”, heading downstream on the River Yare towards Reedham Ferry - note the Ford Popular car sitting on the deck!  On the right is Norton Marsh drainage mill which was built c1863 and converted to residential accommodation in the late 1980s, a new cap being fitted in 1997. In the background on the left is the old Cockatrice public house which closed in the 1920s.

Cruising on the Norfolk Broads c1962

Taken during the summer months, also c1962, the family are seen cruising on board W41 “Lucky Guide” which was hired from C.B. Darby and Sons boatyard at Oulton Broad.

Anchor Hotel moorings at Coltishall c1962

The Anchor Hotel moorings at Coltishall, also photographed c1962. A contemporary advert lists the hotel as having a grill room, providing showers and running a barbeque on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and mentions that it was run by John and May Hollis at this time.

Ernest Collins yard Wroxham c1962

Ernest Collins fleet at Wroxham, also c1962. In the foreground is the wherry yacht “Olive” which was built by Ernest in 1909.

Horning c1962

W41 “Lucky Guide” which was hired from C.B. Darby & Sons at Oulton Broad. This 27ft aft cockpit cruiser slept four and was powered by a Morris Vedette petrol engine. I think that this was probably taken at Chumley & Hawke’s boatyard at Horning c1962.

Chumley & Hawke boatyard Horning c1962

The Chumley & Hawke boatyard at Horning c1962. This area was later home to a number of houseboats as part of the Burehaven holiday development which included the building of several villas which were set in a semi-circle around a small swimming pool.

Chumley & Hawke boatyard Horning c1963

Another photograph which I believe was taken at the Chumley & Hawke boatyard c1963. The motor cruiser was W376 “Patricia” which was hired from Collins Pleasure Craft at Oulton Broad. The five berth Patricia, and her sister ship Anne, were 32ft in length with a 10ft beam and were powered by Morris Navigator engines.

Chumley & Hawke boatyard Horning c1963

Looking downstream towards Turner’s boatyard at Horning c1963. Th three houseboats moored alongside the yard were Shamrock, Clover and the former gentleman’s launch Heather. Heather was believed to have been a conversion of a dutch barge and was built by Ernest Woods in the 1920s for a gentleman artist. She is still a familiar site on the Broads today and can usually be seen on her moorings near to Wroxham Bridge.

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads c1963

Sailing a lovely little lug-sailed dinghy at an unknown location c1963.

Richardsons boatyard at Stalham c1963

W376 “Patricia” seen moored at Richardsons boatyard in Stalham c1963. As previously mentioned, Patricia was hired from Collins Pleasure Craft at Oulton Broad, but she actually became part of the Richardsons fleet c1970.

Richardsons boatyard at Stalham c1963

Another photograph taken at Richardson’s boatyard c1963. On the left is A281 “Fairwind 2” from Windboats of Wroxham.

Richardsons boatyard at Stalham c1963

A third photograph taken at Richardson’s boatyard at Stalham c1963. I’m not quite sure what the motor cruiser seen inn the centre is, but on the right is B892 “Ferry Pioneer 5” from the Ferry Boatyard at Horning.

Hunsett Mill c1963

Hunsett Mill on the River Ant, pictured c1963.

Wayford Bridge c1963

Wayford Bridge, also photographed c1963. In the foreground on the right is A701 “Barrymore” from R. Moore & Sons of Wroxham.

Queen of the Broads c1963

The passenger steamer “Queen of the Broads” on the River Yare c1963.

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