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1990s Photo Gallery

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The next collection of photographs date from 1990 and were submitted by David Campbell. You can see more of David's photographs in the 1960s and 1980s galleries and also read an account of his first Broads holiday in 1968 in the personal memories section of the archive.

Cruising through Horning in April 1990.

Cruising through Horning in April 1990.

Dutch Tutch at Potter Heigham 1990

“Dutch Tutch” on the banks of the River Thurne at Potter Heigham. This quirky building bean life as a helter skelter which stood at the entrance to Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth. The pier caught fire in 1909, destroying the pavilion building which stood on it, and the helter skelter itself also sustained fire damage. What remained of it was dismantled and moved to Potter Heigham c1910 - the bottom half was used for the house and the top part became an outside toilet. The extension seen on the left is a later addition.

Delight 4 at Horsey 1990

L635 “Delight 4” from Herbert Woods, pictured moored at Horsey in April 1990.

Horsey Mill 1990 The River Bure at Stracey Arms 1990

Horsey drainage mill.

Gillian Campbell at the helm - the Stracey Arms mill can be seen in the background.

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station 1990

Delight 4, and what looks like one of the Royall Ambassador class, moored at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station in early May 1990.

Berney Arms 1990

Feeding the local swan population at the Berney Arms moorings.

Yare Hotel at Brundall 1990

The Yare Hotel at Brundall, also pictured in May 1990.

Sommerleyton 1990

Moored at Somerleyton on May 2nd 1990. Delight 4 was a Broom Skipper 30 which was hired through the Pennants agency in 1990. The cost of a weeks hire was £117 plus a £25 security deposit and a £25 fuel deposit.

Sommerleyton 1990

The village green at Somerleyton.

Sunset at Somerleyton 1990

Sunset at Somerleyton, May 1990.

Geldeston 1990

Moored at Geldeston village in 1990 - the entrance to Rowancraft’s boatyard is on the left. The bridge in the background was once part of the Waveney Valley rail line which ran between Beccles and Tivetshall where it then connected to the Great Eastern, London to Norwich main line. The line closed in 1966 as part of Dr Beeching’s reshaping of the British rail system.

Approaching Stokesby on the River Bure 1990

Approaching Stokesby on the River Bure.

Stokesby Ferry Inn 1990

Stokesby Ferry Inn - originally called the Ferry House, the current building dates from c1890 but was renamed the Ferry Boat Inn in 1905, and became known as the Ferry Inn c1915.

Approaching Acle Bridge May 1990

Approaching Acle Bridge in May 1990.

Another set of photographs which date from 1990 and were taken by Neil Lambton. You can see more of Neil’s photographs in the 1980s Gallery.

Osprey from Maffetts Cruisers 1990

M780 “Osprey” from Maffett Cruisers of Loddon, moored at the Waveney River Centre at Burgh St. Peter in 1990. Osprey began life as Priory Craft’s “Waveney Mariner 3” and ran from their base at St. Olaves before being sold to Maffett’s c1989.  

Loddon Quay 1990

Loddon Quay, also pictured in 1990.

Loddon Quay 1990

Another view of Loddon Quay from 1990.

Geldeston 1990

M780 “Osprey” moored alongside the riverbank at Geldeston Lock.

Riverside bungalows at Brundall, pictured in 1990

Riverside bungalows at Brundall, pictured in 1990.

Reedham 1990

Cottages at Reedham Quay.

Pettitts Bird & Animal Gardens bus parked at Reedham Quay in 1990.

Wiluna at Horning 1990

One of the most recognisable houses along the riverside at Horning - “Wiluna”

Dutch Tutch 1990

Another photograph of “Dutch Tutch” at Potter Heigham.