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Postcards of the Norfolk Broads

South Walsham

Back to Postcards South Walsham Hall c1910

South Walsham Hall c1910.

The churches of St. Mary and St. Lawrence at South Walsham c1910

The churches of St. Mary and St. Lawrence at South Walsham c1910. These two churches were built in the same churchyard in the early 14th century and were on the border between two medieval manors who each decided to build their own church. St. Lawrence, in the foreground, was gutted by fire in 1827 and was largely abandoned and left to go to ruin, only the chancel was repaired and was later used as a schoolhouse. The tower was still standing up until 1971 when it suffered two disasters in short succession - firstly it was struck by lightening and then the sonic boom from a low flying aircraft caused it to collapse. The remains of the base of the tower can still be seen in the churchyard and the chancel building has now been fully restored and is used as a church hall.

Fleet Dyke, South Walsham 1960s

Fleet Dyke, South Walsham 1960s.

South Walsham Broad c1960

South Walsham Broad c1960.

South Walsham Broad 1960s

South Walsham Broad 1960s.

Sailing on South Walsham Broad c1960s

Sailing on South Walsham Broad c1960s.

South Walsham Broad 1960s

Another view of South Walsham Broad from the 1960s.

Fleet Dyke at South Walsham 1960s

Fleet Dyke at South Walsham 1960s.