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Postcards of the Norfolk Broads


Back to Postcards Rollesby Broad c1905

Rollesby Broad c1905. Although now cut off from the main system, but originally connected to the River Bure at Stokesby via Muck Fleet, the Trinity Broads of Rollesby, Ormesby and Filby have long attracted visitors. During the first half of the 20th century, rowing boats could be hired for fishing or pleasure trips. The Broad is now owned by Essex and Suffolk Water and is used by the Rollesby Sailing Club.

Rollesby Broad c1905

Another view of Rollesby Broad from the Wrench Series of postcards c1905-1910.

Marshman at Rollesby Broad c1908

Another card from the Wrench Series c1905-1910 - I presume that the caption should actually read “Marshman” at Rollesby Broad.

Hall Farm at Rollesby c1907

Posted in 1907, this card shows Hall Farm at Rollesby.

Rollesby Post Office c1905

Although not posted until 1930, this postcard is from the same series as the one above and below and shows Rollesby Post Office, probably c1905-1910.

The village pond at Rollesby c1910.

The village pond at Rollesby c1910.

Rollesby Rectory c1910

The Rectory at Rollesby, posted in 1910.