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Alpha Tempest At St. Olaves 1995
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Yvonne and Daniel Horner pictured at St. Olaves onboard “Alpha Tempest” in July 1995.

Oulton Broad pictured in July 1995.

“Silver Gem 2” picture at Richardsons Yard in Stalham in October 1996.

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The following set of images were taken by the Richardson family at their Horning Pleasurecraft yard of the fire which broke out there in 1992. My thanks to Clive Richardson for allowing me to display them here.

Fire At Horning Pleasurecraft 1992
Fire At Horning Pleasurecraft 1992
Fire At Horning Pleasurecraft 1992

This photograph shows the ferocity of the fire onboard the moored cruisers. The fire spread rapidly aided by the fact that the ex F.B. Wilds boats, which were part of the Horning Pleasurecraft fleet, had fibreglass diesel tanks which, of course, melted as the fire took hold. As the mooring ropes burnt through, the burning cruisers drifted across to the opposite quay, setting more boats alight.

Fire Damage At Horning Pleasurecraft 1992

The scene at Horning Pleasurecraft on the morning after the fire. They lost eight boats that night, although two of the write-offs were sold on to people who then managed to resurrect them!

Fire Damage At Horning Pleasurecraft 1992

Another photograph showing the devastating scene at Horning Pleasurecraft.

Fire Damage At Horning Pleasurecraft 1992

The fire damaged cruiser in the foreground is Q759 “Trinidad”.

Fire Damage At Horning Pleasurecraft 1992

The fire at Horning Pleasurecraft began during the night, in the early part of 1992 before the main season had begun. It was believed to have been caused by an electrical fault in a fuse box.

By the time these photographs were taken, firefighters were already on the scene tackling the blaze.

Another fire damaged cruiser on the right - a Caribbean Major G989.