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1900-1950 Photo Gallery
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1900-1950 Memories
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Silver Broom At Beccles 1949
Silver Broom 1949
Herbert Woods Yard 1949

“Silver Broom” moored at Beccles in 1949.

The crew of B354 “Silver Broom” 1949.

“Silver Broom” moored at Herbert Woods “Broadshaven” marina at Potter Heigham in 1949.

The following set of photgraphs were commercially produced images sold as souvenirs to holidaymakers in the 1930s and come from the collection of Andrew Day.

Pulls Ferry Norwich 1930s
St. Olaves Bridge 1930s

St. Olaves suspension bridge c1930s.

Beccles 1930s

Beccles viewed from the River Waveney upstream of the road bridge in the 1930s.

Oulton Broad 1930s

Rowing dinghies lined up awaiting hire at Oulton Broad in the 1930s.

Oulton Broad 1930s

An evening scene over Oulton Broad c1930s.

Sailing On The Norfolk Broads c1930s
View From Wroxham Bridge 1930s

Another evening sailing scene at an unknown location c1930s.

The view looking downstream from Wroxham Bridge in the 1930s. Collins yard can be seen on the right hand side of the river with Powles yard on the left. An unknown wherry is moored in the foreground.

Pulls Ferry on the River Wensum in Norwich pictured c1930s.

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