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Gallery 1900-1950 Page 1.
1900-1950 Photo Gallery
1900-1950 History
1900-1950 Memories
Thurne Mouth c1930

Another river scene captured by Ronald Winton c1930. This is captioned as being “near Thurne Mouth” and features a rather nice looking steam tug in the background.

Beaumont's Mill Ludham Bridge c1930

“Kaori” moored on the River Ant opposite Beaunont’s Mill c1930. The mill stood just south of Ludham Bridge and was demolished to make way for a mooring basin near the boatyard.

Kaori Interior c1930
The River Bure c1930

The interior of “Kaori” as the crew tuck in to a meal.

This is believed to have been taken on another trip to the Broads as the crew are now aboard a centre cockpit cruiser. This photo is captioned as having been taken on the river Bure near St Benets Abbey.

Dancing Light c1930

B 767 “Dancing Light” captioned as being moored on the Waveney. The “Light” class of motor cruisers were built by Herbert Woods at Potter Heigham, the first being built in 1926, and are widely held to have been the birth of the modern motor cruiser. These boats were built with low wash hulls, had spacious, comfortable interiors and a self starting Morris marine engine.

Dancing Light c1930

Another picture of “Dancing Light”. In 1930 Herbert Woods began the work to create his Broadshaven yard at Potter Heigham which would see a 2 acre basin dug out of the marshland, 1800 square feet of quay heading added for his growing fleet, new boatsheds constructed and the famous water tower built.

The Norfolk Broads c1930
Acle Bridge c1931

Ronald Winton captioned this photograph “On Tow” as two of the crew are pulled behind the boat in a dinghy.  Note that gentlemen still wore a one piece bathing costume at this time.

Moored at Acle c1931. The road bridge which can be seen in the background was new in 1931, replacing the original three arch bridge which had been constructed in the 1830s.  The current Acle road bridge was built in 1997 after it was discovered that the increase in heavy traffic was causing subsidence.

Reedham c1931

Another picture taken whilst moored at Reedham c1931. This was the motor cruiser “Pierrette” which was available to hire in the 1930s from C.J. Broom and Sons of Brundall. There were three sister ships in the class - Nanette, Suzette and Babette, and terms per week in 1933 were between £7 and £11. Pierrete was built in 1928, was 25ft in length with an 8ft beam and had a Morris Vedette engine.

Barton Broad c1930

This picture was captioned as being taken at Barton Broad c1930.

Reedham c1931

A beautiful steam yacht/schooner passes through Reedham swing bridge c1931. Many of the older steam pleasure cruisers were still operating day trips  on the Southern Broads at this time.

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