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Postcards of the Norfolk Broads


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More postcards showing the aftermath of the floods of August 26th 1912

Norwich Mercury Works 1912 floods

The printing works of the Norwich Mercury on Bridge Street were destroyed as the Wensum became a raging torrent. The works stood on the riverside near to St. Miles Cosalny Bridge.

Lothian Street Norwich 1912 floods

For those who remained in their homes, food and other supplies were delivered by boat or horse and cart. Here we see bread being delivered to an un-named street. Tony Williamson contacted me to say: “The photograph is a set up. Francis Willmott, (a photographer from Muspole St) took a shot just previous to this showing the cottagers, the boatman and Lord Wodehouse who was standing in a few inches of water. Not the only flood pc to be staged. It's Lothian Street with Cushions woodyard (still trading there) on the right.

Norwich Floods 1912

The caption on this postcard reads “Top window of a Public House used as bar”.

Trowse Bridge Norwich Floods 1912

Trowse Bridge was one of the many bridges in the region which were destroyed or damaged in the 1912 floods. The bridge was rebuilt in the following year.

Trowse Bridge Norwich Floods 1912

Another postcard showing the collapsed road bridge at Trowse which crossed the River Yare.

Lakenham Bridge Norwich Floods 1912

The road bridge which crossed the River Yare at Lakenham was also destroyed during the floods.

Lakenham Bridge Norwich Floods 1912

Another view of Lakenham Bridge from August 1912. The caption reads “One of the first trains into Norwich” - as previously mentioned, many of the rail lines were blocked by either floodwater, fallen trees or other debris which cut the city off from the outside world.

Lakenham cottages Norwich floods 1912

Cottages at Lakenham  which were heavily damaged during the floods of August 26th 1912.

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