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Postcards of the Norfolk Broads


Back to Postcards Black Street, Martham c1905.

Black Street, Martham c1905.

Church Street, Martham 1920s

Church Street, Martham 1920s.

Martham Ferry boatyard 1960s

Martham Ferry boatyard pictured in the 1960s.

The River Thurne at Martham c1960s

The River Thurne at Martham 1960s/70s.  Martham Boat Development Company can be seen on the right.

Martham Green c1906

The Green at Martham, posted in 1906. The Baptist Church can be seen in the background on the left.

Repps Road in Martham, c1907

Posted in 1907, this postcard shows Repps Road in Martham, looking up towards the village centre. The roof of the Methodist Church can just be seen in the background on the left. The cottages and houses seen on the left still stand today, but modern houses and bungalows now line the right hand side of the road.

Black Street Martham c1910

Black Street pictured c1910, looking South towards the green. The row of terraced houses on the left still stand, as does the last thatched cottage which you can see on the right. All the other buildings on the right hand side are no longer there and have been replaced by modern bungalows and houses which are set further back from the road.

Church Street Martham c1910

Church Street, now part of Black Street, pictured c1910. The similar view from the 1920s, seen further up on this page, shows that  terraced houses were built on the right hand side in the intervening years.

The Green at Martham c1910

The Green at Martham, also pictured c1910.

Martham Staithe c1910-1920.

Martham Staithe c1910-1920.

Martham Ferry pictured c1915

Martham Ferry pictured c1915. The pontoon bridge shown in the photograph was believed to date from the 19th century and can be seen being manually hauled into place by two lads. The bridge was replaced c1920s with a swing bridge, which itself was replaced in 1987. A new, steel decked bridge was installed by Jackson Civil Engineering early in 2012 and provides access to the 500 acre Heigham Holmes nature reserve which is owned by the National Trust.

White Street, Martham c1930

This postcard of White Street in Martham dates from the 1920s/30s.

The Jasmines, Martham c1920s

The Jasmines, Martham c1920s.

Baptist Church and Institute, Martham c1920s

This postcard of Martham dating from the 1920s shows the view looking across the green towards the Baptist Church and Institute on White Street. Martham village hall now occupies the land beside the church where the institute building stood.

The Post Office and Repps Road, Martham c1920s

The Post Office and Repps Road also pictured c1920s.

Martham village c1920s

Another view of Martham from the early 1920s. This shows the junction of Repps Road and Black Street, with the Post Office seen in the foreground on the left, looking towards the Kings Arms public house which can be seen in the background. The row of thatched cottages in the middle of the photograph were demolished during the 1920s and the very Art Deco style motorcar showroom and garage was built for a Mr Samuel Francis - this is now home to Broadland Fuels.

Church Street, Martham c1923

Posted in 1923, this card shows another view of Church Street.

The River Thurne and Martham drainage mill, pictured c1920s/30s.

The River Thurne and Martham drainage mill, pictured c1920s/30s.

Martham Green c1950s

This black and white postcard probably dates from the 1950s and shows Chapman’s butchers shop on Martham Green.

The village pond at Martham c1950s

Another view of Chapman’s butchers shop, looking across the village pond c1950s.

Cottages on Martham Green c1950s.

Cottages on Martham Green c1950s.

Martham village c1950s

Another postcard from the 1950s which was taken at the junction of Repps Road and Black Street. Francis Stores can be seen on the left - this is now the home of the Royal China takeaway - beyond it is the Kings Arms public house.