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The Charles Hannaford Collection

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The Hannaford Family Afloat and Ashore

Broads Tours base, Hoveton Broads Tours base, Hoveton Canoeing on the River Bure at Wroxham c1939 Fishing on the Norfolk Broads Hannaford Family picnic on Vega On the Norfolk Broads Fishing on the Norfolk Broads c1947 On the Norfolk Broads c1948 Cruising on the River Bure at Horning c1948 The Norfolk Broads c1950 On the Norfolk Broads c1950s Phyllis Hannaford and Brown Moth Phyllis Hannaford Charles Hannaford senior and companions Phyllis Hannaford on board Vega The motor cruiser Sea Rover Vega, Thurne Dyke 1955 Charles Hannaford on board Vega Phyllis Hannafors on board Vega

This is thought to be the Hannaford’s nephew, Raymond Allchin on the quay alongside the Broads Tours base, pictured in the late 1930s. The launch in the background is Princess Elizabeth.

This is possibly Raymond, once again, playing cricket in the garden of the Boat House, with Phyllis seen in the background c1930s.

Raymond Allchin with his Aunt Pyllis, canoeing on the River Bure near the Broads Tours base c1938/1939, with Wroxham rail bridge seen in the background.

Charles Hannaford, with nephew Raymond, aboard his motor cruiser Vega in the late 1930s.

Phyliis Hannaford, Raymond and his brother Bill, enjoying afternoon tea on the cabin roof c1938/1939.

William Allchin believes that this is his Aunt’s first husband, Bill Bennet - note the outboard with it’s cover on the rear of the dinghy.

This is Raymond in the foreground, with his brother Donald, fishing on the Broads c1948. Raymond served in the armed forces for the last 18 months of the war and this would have been taken shortly after he was de-mobbed.

Phyllis, Raymond and Donald, pictured c1948 once again.

Donald, Charles, Raymond and Phyllis, cruising on the River Bure at Horning on board Vega in the late 1940s. It looks as though they are approaching the Petersfield riverside bungalow on the right.

This was the Broads Tours tug boat Clinker which, William Allchin recalls, had a hand-cranked, two cylinder engine, only one of which worked. His father and mother are both seen on board here.

Phyllis Hannaford at the helm of Brown Moth, presumably having a day out on the Broads with friends.

Phyllis with her day launch, Brown Moth, pictured in the dyke which ran between the Broads Tours base and the rail line. The embankment was eventually screened by willows which were planted along its length.

Another photograph of Phyllis, carrying a tray of what appears to be tea and cakes. Once again, you can see the railway embankment in the background.

This is thought to be Charles Hannaford senior on the right, posing with companions on the Hannaford’s motor cruiser Vega c1950.

Another image of Phyllis, sitting on B602 Vega.

Charles Hannaford senior, pictured on the motor cruiser Sea Rover Y548, which was built and hired out by Alfred Ward of Thorpe St Andrew.

Captioned on the reverse as having been taken at Thurne Dyke in September 1955.

Charles Hannaford himself on board Vega.

Phyllis Hannaford emerges from below deck on Vega.

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