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Postcards of the Norfolk Broads


Back to Postcards Cantley Regatta c1905

This postcard captures the scene at the Red House during Cantley regatta c1905

Red House at Cantley c1910

Another view of the Red House at Cantley c1910 as a trading wherry passes. In late Victorian and Edwardian times, Cantley was a major sailing centre and fishing resort.

The Oaks, Cantley c1909

Posted in 1909, this card shows “The Oaks” at Cantley

Cantley Manor House c1912

Cantley Manor - posted in 1912. The two girls with the pony and the dog were presumably the daughters of the family.

Cantley Manor House c1912

Although not posted until 1915, this photograph must have been taken on the same day as the previous postcard and shows a slightly different view of Cantley Manor.

“The Grange” at Cantley pictured c1920

“The Grange” at Cantley pictured c1920.

Cantley sugar beet factory under construction c1911

Not the greatest quality image, but included here because it actually shows the sugar beet factory under construction at Cantley c1911. The row of cottages in the foreground look to date from around 1900 and were believed to have been the property of Henry Reeve Everitt of Oulton Broad. By the time the factory was completed, they had disappeared.

Cantley sugar beet factory c1912

A trading wherry unloading at the sugar beet factory c1912. The factory was built by the Anglo-Netherlands Sugar Corporation who were, at that time, one of the largest landowners in the area. The factory closed at the outbreak of war in 1914 but was re-opened in 1920, the machinery having been maintained throughout that period.

Cantley sugar beet factory c1920s

This is a slightly later view of the sugar beet factory at Cantley, probably dating from the 1920s.

The Red House at Cantley c1960s.

The Red House at Cantley c1960s.