Norwich and The Norfolk Broads in the 1940s

The first new update for a while, but I hope that I finally have some free time once again and can start to work my way through some of the backlog of new material waiting to go on the Broadland Memories website. The first offering is a lovely little black and white cine film which was shot on 16mm filmstock.

I am not certain of the exact date, but it looks as though it was probably taken just post WW2, so late 1940s. It starts with a little bit a footage taken from a train as it approaches the station at Norwich. There are a few scenes of the city itself before it switches to the Broads. The film includes its original captions and follows a young couple on a small sailing cruiser around the northern rivers. Wroxham, The River Thurne and Horning all appear along with some familiar landmarks such as Dydler’s Mill. At the end of the Horning footage is a scene of the young lady pulling herself across the river by chain on a foot ferry. Was this indeed Horning and, if so, is that the bombed out remains of the Ferry Inn in the background? It’s another interesting addition to the archive and there will be more to come. Whilst I may not have been active online of the previous few months, I have still been gathering new material for the archive. This includes some very interesting collections of photographs which span c1900 to the 1950s, plus a few more cine films which I am hoping to get digitized very soon. Among these are a 16mm colour film from the 1950s or 1960s which appears to have been taken aboard Delight XI from Herbert Woods, and also what I believe may be a very early Blakes promotional film from the 1930s which is on 9.5mm Pathe film. These are all unseen so far, so I am dying to see what I’ve actually got. I look forward to making the films, and all of the new photographs waiting in the wings available to view online.

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