Ring of Light 1960s – new cine film

It’s been a little while since I last uploaded a cine film to the Broadland Memories YouTube channel, but the latest addition has been uploaded this morning. Filmed in the early to mid 1960s, this 24 minute offering follows a holiday on board the Herbert Woods motor cruiser Ring of Light and covers both the southern and northern rivers of the Norfolk Broads.

The film wasn’t in the best condition, but it is still very watchable and, as ever, was kindly digitized for the archive by the nice folk at Video Impact in Loddon. The start of the film throws up a bit of a puzzle though as the cruiser from which the film is being shot as they pass through Great Yarmouth is not Ring of Light, which features during the rest of the holiday. It has a Landamore’s burgee on the front and has been identified for me as being one of their Vesta class. Did the holiday party have two boats? Dis they encounter problems with the Vesta and were swapped onto a boat from another yard? We will never know!

I’ll leave you to spot the locations, but a couple of things stood out on my first viewing  – look at the amount of foam coming from the sewage works at Whitlingham as they pass, and how many swans were there on Hickling Broad? It’s another great addition to the film section of the archive and is the latest in a flurry of activity of the website due to an enforced rest on my part. If you missed them, recent uploads include a n interesting set of photographs from the early 1920s, a wonderful set of glass lantern slides documenting a holiday on the converted ex-Thams barge Pauline just before WW2, and beautiful album of photographs dated to August 1895 which feature a family cruise on the Robert Collins yacht Mayflower.

I’ve got another three films in the wings to edit, and another two to be transferred including what appears to be early Blake’s promotional film. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy “The Norfolk Broads – Ring of Light 1969

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