Stanley Wood family photographs

It’s always nice to be able to put a name to a face and a face to a name, but it was rather special to receive a collection of photographs of the Wood family of Oulton Broad via email a few weeks ago.  Following on from my previous post on the Somerleyton Sea Scout tragedy in 1914 and the subsequent fate of sole survivor, Stanley Wood, on the battlefields of France just two years later, it is so good to see a photograph of him.

My thanks once again to Stanley’s nephew, Tony Browne, and to Alan Smith for sharing these with me and for allowing me to publish them on here. I’ll begin with a photograph of the whole family, believed to date from around 1905.

Tom and Belle Wood are seated, with daughter Doris standing between them. Stanley is in the middle at the front and his sister Nora is sitting on her mothers lap.

Stanley Wood in his Sea Scout uniform. The message written on the back mentions that the boy he is leapfrogging over was called Ed Leader.

Stanley Wood in his army uniform c1915. He looked so proud and so handsome. These photographs of fallen soldiers are always so heartbreaking to see really.

I mentioned in the previous blog post that Stanley was with the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry when he was killed during the Battle of Fromelles, but this 1915 photograph shows that he must have enlisted with the Suffolk Regiment prior to that attachment. Stanley is pictured second from the right in the middle row.

Another image of the Suffolk Regiment, with Stanley lying on the ground with the dog (regiment mascot?) to the left of the board.

This final photograph is dated to the 11th July 1915. Stanley is seen second from the left.

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