Hearts & Hurricanes

There has been a long tradition of school parties and other youth groups visiting the Norfolk Broads over the years, and the latest additions to the Broadland Memories website document annual boating holidays taken by a group of Sea Scouts in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

“Too full to Talk” – courtesy of John Austin

Submitted to the archive by John Austin, who was a senior scoutmaster with the group, I made mention of this collection on the blog last year. Personal circumstances meant that it has taken me a while to get them onto the website, but I’m hoping to continue trying to tackle the backlog as time allows over the next few weeks. The Sea Scouts visited the Broads annually, usually over the Easter week, and always hired multiple boats from Hearts Cruisers at Thorpe St. Andrew. The photo on the right is from the collection and shows the crew of one of the boats tucking into tea! In addition to John’s photographs, I’ve also uploaded a small set which were taken by Mick Middleton in 1969 whilst holidaying on the boat Dawn Tempest. The “Memories” section of the archive has gained a new addition too with recollections from Iain Hamilton of a night spent on board a  hire boat during the hurricane which hit Britain on October 15th 1987.

Links to these updates can be found on the Latest Additions page of the Broadland Memories website.

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