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1970s Photo Gallery

Continuing with the collection of photographs taken by John Chesney in the 1970s

Wherry Yacht Olive at Norwich Yacht Station in the 1970s

The first of four photographs which feature the wherry yacht “Olive”, seen here moored at Norwich Yacht Station in 1977. “Olive” was built by Ernest Collins at Wroxham and was named after his youngest daughter. She is currently under the care of the Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust.

Wherry Yacht Olive crossing Barton Broad 1970s

The wherry yacht “Olive”, pictured crossing Barton Broad in the late 1970s.

Wherry Yacht Olive 1977 Wherry Yacht Olive 1970s

The wherry yacht “Olive”, pictured by John Chesney in 1977.

The final photograph of “Olive” taken by John in the late 1970s.

Albert of Blofield 1977

The 1960s Broom 45 “The Albert of Blofield” registration number N203, pictured at Brundall in 1977. “The Albert” had the pleasure of ferrying the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh between Horning Green Staithe and Ranworth for the official opening of the Ranworth Conservation Centre in November 1976. After conducting the opening ceremony, the Queen looked at the new nature trail and visited the village hall and St. Helen’s Church at Ranworth.

Brundall Riverside 1970s

The riverside at Brundall, photographed by John Chesney in the late 1970s. Brooms boatyard and the Riverside Stores can be seen in the background.

The Beauchamp Arms at Buckenham 1970s

Sailing on the River Yare at Buckenham - the Beauchamp Arms can be seen in the background.

Cantley Sugar Beet Factory 1970s

The sugar beet factory at Cantley, pictured in the late 1970s.

Cantley Sugar Beet Factory 1979

Another photograph of the sugar beet factory at Cantley, this time dated to 1979.

Reedham Quat 1979

Reedham Quay in 1979 - the Lord Nelson public house can be seen on the left.

Reedham Riverside 1978

Sanderson’s boatyard and Reedham Quay, pictured in 1978. Once the site of the Hall family's boat building business, the yard was bought by Herbert Sanderson in 1932 and remains in the family to this day.

Reedham 1970s

The Hampton Safari’s L57 “San Augustin 1” and L769 “San Augustin 2” from Johnston’s of St. Olaves moored at Reedham Ferry Inn during the late 1970s. The coaster “Siri Maria”, which was pictured at Norwich Riverside in an earlier photograph, can be seen passing in the background. The three berth San Augustin class cost between £80 and £160 per week to hire in 1978 and average fuel consumption was listed as being 20 gallons a week in Blake’s brochure.

Coaster on the River Yare at Reedham 1970s

The coaster “Blackpool” passes Reedham Ferry in the late 1970s.

Coaster on the River Yare at Reedham 1970s

Another photograph of “San Augustin” 1 and 2 moored at Reedham Ferry Inn, taken by John Chesney in the late 1970s. The coaster passing in the background was the “Kiption”.

Coaster on the River Yare at Reedham 1975

F823 “San Remo 4” pictured in 1975 at Reedham Ferry Inn. Another Mk 2 Hampton Safari, the San Remo class cost between £52 and £94 for a weeks hire in 1975. The Great Yarmouth coaster “A King I” is seen in the background.

Reedham Ferry 1970s

Reedham Ferry crossing the River Yare in the late 1970s.

Reedham Ferry 1975

Another photograph of Reedham Ferry, taken by John Chesney in 1975. The car being transported across is an L Reg Fiat 127. The ferry has been operated by the Archer family since 1949; the ferry seen here was capable of carrying two cars across the river. It operated for nearly fifty years before being replaced in the early 1980s with the current model which was designed and built by Fred Newson at Oulton Broad.

St Olaves 1970s

A Falcon 26, possibly from Easticks of Acle, is about to pass beneath St. Olaves Bridge in the 1970s.

Johnson’s Yacht Station at St.Olaves 1970s

Johnson’s Yacht Station at St.Olaves, also pictured in the late 1970s. In the foreground are two craft from Jack Powles of Wroxham - one of the “Star Cavalier” class and a “Star Explorer”. In the background is Johnson’s “San Augustin 3”.

The old signal box at Haddiscoe in 1975

The old signal box at Haddiscoe in 1975. The old swing bridge which crossed the river at this point is long gone but was originally part of the East Suffolk & Waveney rail line which opened in the 1850s and ran between Beccles and Great Yarmouth, crossing the Waveney twice, at Aldeby and Haddiscoe. Permisssion was granted to replace the old, single track bridges in 1912, although this was then delayed by the outbreak of WW1 and the new bridges were finally opened in 1926. The line was later swallowed up by the Great Eastern Railway Company, and passenger services ceased in the late 1950s. I believe I have read that freight trains did continue to use the line into the 1960s, but both the Haddiscoe and Aldeby bridges were demolished later in that decade.

Oulton Broad 1979

Looking out over Oulton Broad from Mutford Lock in 1979. The Waveney River Tours passenger boat can be seen ahead.

Beccles Yacht Station 1979

Beccles Yacht Station, photographed by John Chesney in 1979.

Poolcraft at Beccles 1979

The Poolcraft boatyard at Beccles, also pictured in 1979. On the left is “Jimbo 3” and on the right “Jimbo 2” a Seamaster 18. Poolcraft sold off their hire fleet at the end of the 1984 season.

Beccles 1970s

Another shot of Beccles dating from the late 1970s, looking downstream with Waveney Valley Boats to the right and Poolcraft in the distance.

Hippersons at Beccles 1978

The River Waveney at Beccles in 1978. Some of Hipperson fleet can be seen on the left, including F884 “Treasure Hunter” and G799 “Treasure Ranger”. On the right is W179 “Marion E” which was another Hippersons boat.

Gedleston Locks Inn 1979

The Chesney’s visited Geldeston over the Easter week in 1979. Pictured here is the Locks Inn as it looked back then, before the modern extensions were added.

Gedleston Locks Inn 1978

Another photograph of the Locks Inn at Geldeston, pictured a year earlier in 1978.

Gedleston Locks Inn 1979

The interior of the Locks Inn, also pictured during the Easter week of 1979. Proprietor, Walter Coe can be seen behind the bar where Adnams Old ale is on offer. On the far right is an accordion player, who, I think, may have been called John Hammond.

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