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1970s Photo Gallery

Perfect Lady at Salhouse in 1973

More photographs from the Bell Family Collection

John Bell on “Perfect Lady 7” on Salhouse Broad in July 1973.

Great Yarmouth 1973

The coaster “Germania Brake” moored at Great Yarmouth in July 1973.

Crossing Breydon Water in 1974

Another coaster passes whilst crossing Breydon Water in 1974.

Norwich 1974

John & Margaret Bell on “Perfect Lady 1” pictured on the River Wensum at Norwich in 1974.

Pulls Ferry Norwich 1974

Adrian Bell sitting on the cabin roof of “Perfect Lady 1” from Herbert Woods in 1974.  Pulls Ferry in Norwich can be seen in the background.

St Olaves 1974

E490 “Perfect Lady 1” moored at St. Olaves whilst waiting for the tide in July 1974.

Great Yarmouth 1975

Waiting at the dolphins in Great Yarmouth in July 1975.

King of Hearts 1974

Y474 “King Of Hearts” moored at Thorpe opposite Hearts Cruisers yard in 1974, submitted by Michael Hannant. You can read about Michael’s holidays in the 1960s and 1970s here.

King of Hearts at Reedham 1974

“King Of Hearts” moored at Reedham in 1974.

The next collection of photographs were submitted by Kevin Gingell and were taken in 1975 when his family had a week’s holiday in a chalet at Horning. You can read Kevin’s memories of this trip in the accompanying holiday tale.

Salhouse Broad 1975

Cruisers moored at Salhouse in August 1975.

Salhouse Broad 1975

Salhouse Broad pictured in August 1975.

Swimming in Salhouse Broad August 1975.

Swimming at Salhouse Broad in 1975

More swimming in Salhouse Broad August 1975.

Swimming at Salhouse Broad in 1975

D395 “Lysandra 2” from Nerina Boatyard of Horning moored at Salhouse  in 1975.

Horning holiday chalet 1975

The interior of a holiday chalet at Horning pictured in 1975.

Horning 1975

Lounging around in the garden of the chalet at Horning in 1975.

Fishing at Horning 1975

Enjoying a spot of fishing at Horning in 1975.

Horning 1975

Messing around on the water! Horning 1975.

The next small collection of photographs were submitted by Bill Cooper and date from 1972-1973

Coltishall 1972

T89 “Petit Barsac” moored at Coltishall in 1972. “Petit Barsac” was one of the fleet of cruisers operated by R. & C. Bondon at South Walsham, was 19ft in length with a 17ft 6” beam, and slept two in a pull out double berth in the open plan saloon/galley. She was available for hire in 1972 for between £27 and £46 per week depending on the season. In 1977 she was sold to Castle Craft at St. Olaves where she became “Dover Castle”.

Petit Barsac at Coltishall 1972

Another photograph of “Petit Barsac” moored at Coltishall in 1972.

South Walsham 1972

South Walsham Broad, also pictured in 1972. The houseboat seen in the photograph was “Perfect Memories” which was 29ft in length and slept up to five. During the peak season, the hire charge was £54 per week which included the use of a 14ft open motor boat or a sailing dinghy.

South Walsham 1972

A sailing cruiser entering South Walsham Broad in 1972, taken from Bondon’s moorings.

Ferry boatyard at Horning 1972

Taken at the Ferry Boatyard in Horning, this is A986 which Bill remembers as being one of the “Ferry Mutineer” class. However, the listing for A986 on Craig’s “Boats of the Norfolk Broads” database has her down as being “Ferry Buccaneer 2”. The two classes were listed together in the Blake’s brochure and were presumably identical. The four berth Buccaneer’s were 32ft 6” in length with a 10ft beam and were powered by a 4cyl Thornycroft diesel engine. The cost for a week’s hire in 1972 was between £30 and £66.

Acle Dyke 1972

A986 “Ferry Buccaneer 2” moored at Acle Dyke in 1972. This boat also became part of the Castle Craft fleet in the late 1970s, initially as “Bolton Castle”, changing to “Balmoral Castle” in 1983.

Stalham Dyke 1972

Stalham Dyke pictured in 1972 - the cabin yacht in the foreground is A722 “Gwenda” which was operated by Clifford Allen’s boatyard at Coltishall. This two berth, 24ft yacht cost between £20 and £34 for a week’s hire in 1972.

Richardsons boatyard at Stalham 1972

Richardson’s boatyard at Stalham in 1972. In the foreground is S431 “Kristeen” from Eastiicks of Acle, with “Ferry Buccaneer 2” seen moored behind.

Cruising on the River Ant in 1973

The final photograph in the collection from Bill Cooper shows the River Ant in 1973.

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