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1960s Photo Gallery

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Continuing with the set of slides from a 1961 Broadland holiday.

Cruising on the Norfolk Broads 1961 South Walsham Broad 1961 South Walsham Broad 1961 South Walsham Broad 1961 South Walsham Broad 1961 South Walsham Broad 1961 Shining Dawn 1961 Shining Dawn 1961 The Norfolk Broads 1961 How Hill 1961 Barton Broad 1961 Approaching Thurne Mouth 1961 Womack Staith 1961 Womack Broad 1961 The Norfolk Broads 1961 Top

Another photograph of B894 Shining Dawn cruising on the Norfolk Broads in 1961.

This looks like the entrance to Fleet Dyke on South Walsham Broad with Bondon’s boatyard on the right.

One of a short series of photographs which were taken on South Walsham Broad with the crew of Perfect Dawn rowing in the dinghy which accompanied their motor cruiser.

Heading back towards Perfect Dawn on South Walsham Broad.

Another of the photographs taken on South Walsham Broad.

Climbing back onboard Perfect Dawn from the dinghy.

B894 Shining Dawn once again.

Another view of Shining Dawn which was one of the sister ships to Perfect Dawn. The class also included Crimson, Purple, Smiling, Silver and Radiant Dawn. The 28 ft, centre-cockpit cruisers slept four in two cabins. There was a twin berth cabin to the fore, with a galley and separate toilet compartment between it and the cockpit. To the rear was another two berth cabin/saloon.

This looks like an early evening shot, also taken in 1961.

How Hill viewed from the River Ant. Originally built in 1905 by Norwich architect Edward Boardman as a holiday home for his family, it was later extended to become the main family home. It’s now better known as an environmental study centre for school children and young people run by the How Hill Trust.

Rowing on Barton Broad with Barton Turf Staithe seen in the background.

Perfect Dawn and Shining Dawn approaching Thurne Mouth on the River Bure. You can just make out the St Benet’s Level and Thurne Dyke drainage mills in the background.

Womack Staithe in 1961. The car seen in the centre of the photograph is a Ford Zephyr.

Shining Dawn once again - I think this was probably taken at Womack too.

The final photograph from this 1961 collection shows some of the crew sailing in one of the dinghies.

The next set of photographs were submitted to the archive by Janice Taylor-Barton and were taken during holidays her family took on the Broads during the 1960s. The first holiday in 1963 sparked a lifelong love of boating on the Norfolk Broads and further photographs from the Taylor Family collection will be added to the 1970s-1990s galleries over the next few months.

Fairwind 6 pictured in 1963 Fairwind 6 at Beccles 1963 Tradewind 4 pictured c1964 Burefield at Horning 1960s On the River BUre 1960s Hunsett Mill 1960s Meeting Bert Weedon at Acle 1960s Next Prev Crossing Breydon Water 1960s Reedham Ferry 1960s

This was Janice’s father, Gordon, pictured at the helm of Finewind 1 in 1963. The photograph was taken by a “photo boat” which would take snaps of holidaymaker's on the rivers and leave them at their respective boa yards, available for you to purchase at the end of the week. Janice tells me that her father took out his first hire boat, Finewind 1 from Windboats at Wroxham, in 1963. He said that when he hired Finewind, he had no idea how big it was and when being shown the ropes he thought someone would be piloting the boat for them. He panicked when yard hand got off and tried to send them on their way and made him tie them back up. He decided that this was not going to be the holiday for him. The following morning whilst having breakfast, he saw a group of young women going down the river on another boat and decided if they could do it then he could!

Finewind 1 moored at Beccles in 1963.

Janice and her father, Gordon, on the bow of Tradewind 4 in 1964.

“Burefield” on the River Bure at Horning, pictured by the Taylor Family in the 1960s.

On the River Bure between Horning and Wroxham.

Hunsett Mill and the mill cottage on the River Ant near Stalham.

There have been many famous visitors and boat owners on the Broads over the years. This photograph from the Taylor Family collection shows Janice and her sister, Marilyn, meeting guitarist Bert Weedon and his wife at Acle in the mid 1960s. Bert Weedon was a renowned session guitarist who began to release singles under his own name in the late 1950s. It is perhaps his “Play in a Day” guide to modern guitar playing for which he became most well known. First published in 1957, and encouraging kids all over the world to pick up a guitar and do just that, Play in a Day has since been republished several times, and is still available to this day.  It’s impossible to say how many millions of guitarists learnt to play using his technique but there are some very hallowed names amongst them, including Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Keith Richards, Jimmie Page, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Mark Knopfler and Mike Oldfield who have all been cited as having started playing using the Play in a Day book . He continued to release singles over the next three decades and played on thousands of recordings with other musicians and singers during his lifelong career.

Crossing Breydon Water.

Approaching Reedham Ferry on the River Yare.

Oulton Broad Yacht Station 1960s

Oulton Broad Yacht Station taken from the jetty. The motor cruiser seen in the centre of the photograph was George Fomby’s Lady Beryl 2 which had been built by Winboats of Wroxham.