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1950s History 1950s Memories

1950s Photo Gallery

The following photographs were submitted by Ken Harrison - you can see more of his photographs in the 1900-1950 Gallery . You can read Ken’s memories of sailing on the Norfolk Broads in the 1930s here and also view his original plans for three wooden cruisers, designed for R.Richardson’s boatyard between 1947 and 1951 in the Paper & Ephemera section of the archive under Boatyards & Boats.

Mowbray Harrison 1951

Kens’ father, Mowbray Harrison, pictured c1951.

Norfolk Broads houseboat c1950

Mowbray Harrison’s houseboat c1950.

Wherry Albion 1950s Sailing on Oulton Broad c1951

The wherry “Albion” under sail. This is of unknown date, but I suspect it is c1950s after she had been fully restored by the Norfolk Wherry Trust. The trust found Albion in 1949, she had been renamed Plane, was stripped of all her gear and was being used as a lighter on the rivers.

Mowbray Harrison’s boat the “Cat” sailing at Oulton Broad c1951. She was under new ownership by this time and had been given a new set of tan sails.

Powerboat racing at Oulton Broad 1950s

This is the first of a set of 6 images of the powerboat racing at Oulton Broad which were issued as postcards in the 1950s. Two competitors round the west bouy.

Powerboat racing at Oulton Broad 1950s

Another close up of the action at Oulton Broad in the 1950s - the last turn before finishing the race.

Powerboat racing at Oulton Broad 1950s

Tight turning for the lead in the race!

Powerboat racing at Oulton Broad 1950s

An aerial shot of the racing at Oulton Broad - the Wherry Hotel can be seen in the background.

Powerboat racing at Oulton Broad 1950s

Another aerial photograph, this time featuring the start line of the race, with the Waveney and Oulton Broad Yacht Club in the background.

Powerboat racing at Oulton Broad 1950s

The final shot of the powerboat racing at Oulton Broad in the 1950s. The large boat in the centre, background of the picture appears to be “Enchantress”.

The next set of photographs span two holidays taken by Ken and Joan Lowe, along with their friends Vera and Bill, in 1957 and 1958. The first holiday was taken aboard “Panda” from Percivals yard at Horning, and the second aboard “Vesta 11” from Landamores of Wroxham. You can read an account of the 1957 holiday, written by Joan Lowe at the time, in the 1950s Personal Memories section of the archive.

Horning 1957

An engineer from H.T. Percival’s yard at Horning shows Ken and Bill over B101 “Panda” in May 1957. “Panda” was 30ft in length and had four single berths.

Cockshoot Dyke 1957

Ken and Bill onboard “Panda” at Cockshoot Dyke in 1957.

Cockshoot Dyke 1957

Bill takes Vera for a row in the dinghy at Cockshoot Dyke.

Little Holland Womack 1957

This had originally been labelled in the album as having been taken at Horning in 1957, but has since been identified as Little Holland at Womack.

Riverside bungalow at Wroxham 1957

A riverside bungalow at Wroxham.

On the Norfolk Broads 1957

Ken and Bill on board “Panda” in May 1957.

Coltishall 1957

The riverside at Coltishall pictured in May 1957.

Coltishall 1957

Another photograph of the riverside at Coltishall - Clifford Allen’s boatyard can be seen on the left.

Salhouse Broad 1957

Salhouse Broad in 1957.

Ranworth 1957

Malthouse Broad and Ranworth pictured in May 1957. The large motor cruiser in the centre of the photograph is A283 “Dijack” which was built by Windboats of Wroxham for a private customer.

Ludham Bridge 1957

“Panda” moored at Ludham Bridge in 1957.

Irstead 1957

The four friends cruised up to Barton Broad through Irstead during their holiday and made mention of the lovely riverside houses there.

Irstead 1957

Another photograph taken at Irstead in May 1957.

Wherry Lord Roberts 1957

This looks to be the wherry “Lord Roberts”, pictured somewhere on either the Bure or the Thurne.

Sailing on the River Thurne 1957

An unknown sailing cruiser on the River Thurne in May 1957.

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Gull dinghies at Oulton Broad 1950s

A trio of Gull class dinghies under sail at Oulton Broad in the 1950s.

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