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1950s History 1950s Memories

1950s Photo Gallery

The following pictures have been submitted by John Hopthrow and feature the pleasure wherry “Dragon” who was owned by his father, Brigadier H.E. Hopthrow during the 1950s. Extracts from Dragon’s original sailing logs can be found in the personal memories section of the archive.

Barton Regatta early 1950s

An aerial photograph of Barton Regatta from the early 1950s featuring the wherries “Dragon”, “Sundog” and “Lorna Doon”.

Wherry Claudian c1950

The wherry “Claudian” under sail at Barton Regatta in 1950. Claudian was sadly lost on Lake Lothing in the 1953 floods.

The last Barton Regatta wherry race 1950

The last ever wherry race at Barton Regatta in 1950. You can just see the black sail of Albion on the left, then Ardea, Dragon and Claudian.

Barton wherry race 1950

The wherries Ardea, Albion, Dragon and Claudian pictured during the last ever wherry race at Barton Regatta in August 1950. You can read an account of that race here.

Barton Turf sign 1953 Wherry Dragon 1952

The new sign at Barton Turf pictured in 1953, pointing to the staithe in one direction and Pennygate in the other.

The start of the Breydon wherry race at Burgh Castle in 1952. “Dragon” is in the foreground with “Albion” and “Hathor” behind.

Breydon wherry race 1952

A picture of the wherry race on Breydon from August 1952. “Dragon” and “Hathor” have run aground on the left whilst “Albion” overtakes.

Wherry Albion dismasted 1952

The aftermath of the Breydon Wherry race of 1952 showing “Albion” with her mast broken. You can read an account of that race here.

Pleasure wherry Dragon 1952

B907  the wherry “Dragon” at Barton c1952.

Barton Turf c1952

Barton Turf c1952. In the foreground is B67 “Elnora” a Norfolk One design dinghy, in the background is an unknown pleasure wherry which was apparently known locally as the “Yellow Wherry”.

This and the following three photographs were sent in by Bill Henderson and were taken in 1958 during a holiday taken with The Burnt Ash Congregational Church from London. The party of young people stayed on the converted  ex-admiralty MTB “Foynes”, pictured above at Oulton Broad. “Foynes” was a "2-tube" Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat which was around 70 feet in length

Foynes at Oulton Broad 1958 Foynes at Oulton Broad 1958

Joan Henderson relaxing on the deck of “Foynes” in August 1958. Her future husband had cycled all the way from Birmingham to join the party for the week!

Foynes at Oulton Broad 1958

Pictured on “Foynes” is the organiser of the trip, Ron Batt, and the girls in the party from 1958.

Foynes at Oulton Broad 1958

Another picture of “Foynes” at Oulton Broad in 1958. Included in the hire price were a sailing dinghy, a rowing dinghy and a motor launch.

Sea Earl 1950s

Y36 “Sea Earl” from A.G.Ward’s yard at Thorpe St Andrew, pictured during the 1950s.

A G Wards 1950s Oulton Broad 1958

Another boat from A.G.Ward’s of Thorpe - Y79 pictured in the 1950s.

The first of four photographs submitted by Brian Powell taken at Oulton Broad in 1958. Here you can see the Wherry Hotel pictured in the background.

Another picture taken at Oulton Broad in 1958 - on the left you can see a fire engine and crew who appear to be attending to a fire onboard a moored boat.

Oulton Broad 1958

Looking out over Oulton Broad in 1958  - the large vessel in the centre of the picture is an RAF air sea rescue boat which is moored at Wherry Quay.

Oulton Broad 1958

Another photograph of the Wherry Hotel at Oulton Broad from 1958.

The next collection of images were submitted to the archive by Bob Righton and were taken over the course of two Broadland holidays in 1950 and 1955.

Acle Bridge 1950

B821 “Janet IV” from Martham Boat Development Company, pictured moored at Acle Bridge in 1950.

Wroxham 1950

Another picture from 1950 of Janet IV, with dinghy, this time moored in Wroxham.

Stalham 1950

The first of two pictures taken at Stalham in 1950.

Stalham Yachting Station 1950

Another photograph of Stalham from 1950.

Horning 1955

This is believed to have been taken at the Chumley and Hawke yard in Horning in 1955.

Horning 1955

Another picture from the same location in 1955.

The River Bure near Coltishall 1955

The Upper Bure between Wroxham and Coltishall, taken in 1955.

Sheerline 1 at Hickling 1955

B 559 “Sheerline 1” from Chumley and Hawkes of Horning, believed to be moored at the Pleasure Boat dyke at Hickling in 1955.

Hickling Pleasure Boat Inn 1955

The Pleasure Boat Inn at Hickling pictured in 1955.

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