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1950s History 1950s Memories

1950s Photo Gallery

More of Adrian Bell’s photographs from the 1950s

Hunters yard Womack 1953

The sailing cruiser “Freedom” from Applegates yard at Potter Heigham moored in Hunter’s dyke at Womack in 1953.

Brooms boatyard at Brundall 1954

“Nimbus” from Johnson's of St. Olaves pictured in front of Brooms yard at Brundall in 1954.

St Olaves 1954

Another picture of “Nimbus” from 1954, moored at St. Olaves..

Coaster approaching Reedham 1954

A large coaster pictured approaching Reedham in 1954.

Reedham Swing Bridge 1954

The coaster passing through the swing bridge at Reedham in 1954.

Acle Bridge 1955

Acle road bridge pictured in 1955.

Cantley Sugar Beet Factory 1955

The sugar beet factory at Cantley pictured in 1955.

Sailing cruiser Freedom 1955

The sailing cruiser “Freedom” from Applegate’s yard at Potter Heigham in 1955.

Sailing cruiser Freedom 1955

The crew of “Freedom” pictured in 1955.

The Norfolk Broads 1955

Preparing lunch onboard “Freedom” in 1955.

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads 1955

“Freedom” out on the river in 1955.

Ludham Bridge 1955

This picture was taken from Ludham Bridge in 1955 as one of Powles “Light” class of motor cruisers is about to pass underneath.

Oulton Broad 1955

The first of a series of pictures taken at Oulton Broad in 1955. The large, white boat which can be seen in the background was called “Bounty” and was one of the Dunkirk little ships.

Oulton Broad 1955

Coming in to moor at Oulton Broad.

Oulton Broad 1955

More of Oulton Broad in 1955.

Oulton Broad 1955

Racing at Oulton Broad in 1955.

Oulton Broad 1955

Looking towards the Wherry Hotel at Oulton Broads in 1955.

Reedham 1955

A row of sailing cruisers waiting for the tide at Reedham in 1955.

Reedham 1955

Two sailing cruisers circle round whilst waiting for the swing bridge to open at Reedham in 1955.

Lord Nelson Reedham 1955

Enjoying some liquid refreshment at the Lord Nelson pub in Reedham with landlord Sydney Mutton in 1955. Ian Hunt wrote to tell me: “I lived next door but one to the Nelson and was often sent there to get my Dad, Jack Hunt, the River Inspector, for his meal! I can't remember when Sid (as he was known by all) retired but the pub was taken over by John and Joan Findlay who converted the garage where Sid kept his beer and his station wagon to another bar.

Berney Arms moorings 1956

Margaret bell and “friend” pictured at the Berney Arms in 1956.

Thurne Dyke 1956

“Freedom” from Applegates moored at Thurne Dyke in 1956.

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