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1950s Photo Gallery

Next Prev Rippling Tide 1958

Two photographs of the motor cruiser Y600 “Rippling Tide” which have been submitted by Iain Gray and date from 1958.

Rippling Tide 1958

“Rippling Tide“ moored at Acle Bridge c1958.

A small collection of photographs from Charles Roebuck featuring motor cruisers hired from R. Moore & Sons of Wroxham in the early 1950s. You can read Charles’ memories of boating on Moores craft in the 1950s and 1960s here.

Bairnmore 1950s

A292 “Bairnmore pictured in the early 1950s.

Faymore 1950s

Another Moores boat - B408 “Faymore” pictured in the early 1950s.

Faymore 1950s

Another picture of “Faymore” c1952.

On the Norfolk Broads c1957

A very young Charles Roebuck pictured in the cockpit of A623 “Moorhen II” c1957.

On the Norfolk Broads c1957

Another picture of “Moorhen II” c1957.

Moorhen 1957

Another picture of Charles Roebuck with his mother, standing beside “Moorhen II”.

Ludham Bridge 1950s

Two more picture which are reproduced with thanks to the Ludham Community Archive Group. The first is of the old road bridge at Ludham pictured during the 1950s. Built in 1915, it was replaced by the current road bridge in the 1960s.

Great Yarmouth 1950s

The Ludham, Wroxham and Potter Heigham bus pictured on the eastern side of Great Yarmouth market place in the 1950s. The Bristol L-type was a familiar sight around Broadland from the 1920s up until the late 1960s.

The next five pictures were sent in by Gordon Parker and date from the late 1950s. You can read Gordon’s memories of Broadland holidays in the 1950s and 1960s here.

Horning 1958

Big sister Chris fishing at Horning c1958. Banham’s boat sheds can be seen in the background, this became the home of  Norfolk Holiday Boats and Percival’s, before finally being demolished to make way for a new housing development.

Horning 1958

Three year old Gordon proudly shows off a large Bream.

Horning 1958

Gordon joins in with the fishing.

Horning 1958

A well known Horning landmark - the white mill pictured here in 1958.

Potter Heigham c1959

This is thought to have been taken on the River Thurne at Potter Heigham c1959.

The following collection of photographs belong to Adrian Bell and were taken by his parents, John and Margaret, during many sailing holidays taken on the Norfolk Broads in the 1950s.

Winsome 1950 The Norfolk Broads 1950

John Bell onboard Herbert Woods “Winsome” in 1950.

Another picture of John Bell on “Winsome” in 1950. Note the size of the portable radio which would have been hired from the boatyard at extra cost.

The Norfolk Broads 1950

Margaret Bell also pictured with “Winsome” in 1950.

Teatime onboard “Winsome” in 1950.

Acle Bridge Inn 1951

The Bridge Inn at Acle with it’s formal garden pictured in 1951.

Moss Rose 1951

Margaret Bell pictured on B293 “Moss Rose” in 1951. Apparently the boat was a new design for a Broads sailing cruiser and was very roomy inside. Whilst the extra room made for a comfortable holiday, she apparently did not sail as well as the more traditional cruisers.

MTB 653 Horning 1951

This ex military motor torpedo boat was identified as being MTB-653 and has been labelled as being taken at Horning in 1951. This proved to be a bit of a mystery as it seemed such a large vessel to have on the Northern Rivers. Thanks to various people contacting me, it has been established that the picture was indeed taken at Horning, on a section of the River Bure between Cockshoot Dyke and F.B.Wilds site (now Waterside Marine). The MTB was used as a liveaboard at Horning during the 1950s and early 1960s, residing at what was to become the new F.B.Wilds boatyard. The superstructure would have been removed to allow passage underneath the bridges at Great Yarmouth and Acle and enable the boat to get up to Horning. When Wilds began work on creating their new mooring basin, the MTB was moved, eventually ending up on the Southern Rivers at Norwich. Pictorial evidence from c1973 shows it moored on the Wensum.

MTB 740 Norwich 1951 Malthouse Broad 1951

Another ex-Admiralty Fairmile D, believed to be MTB-740 moored at Norwich in 1951. MTB-740 was used by the local Sea Cadet Corps from 1946.

“Moss Rose” from Easticks of Acle on Malthouse Broad in 1951.

Malthouse Broad 1951

Malthouse Broad in 1951 - “Moss Rose” can be seen in the centre of the picture.

Hickling 1952 Hickling 1952

Margaret Bell pictured at Hickling in 1952.

John Bell, also seen at Hickling in 1952.

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