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1950s Photo Gallery

Sonja Norfolk Broads 1950s Sonja Norfolk Broads 1950s Acle Bridge Stores 1950s Wanda on The Norfolk Broads 1950s The Norfolk Broads 1950s Oulton Broad 1950s Oulton Broad 1950s Wanda Norfolk Broads 1950s Geldeston Locks Inn 1950s Geldeston Moorings 1950s Geldeston Waveney footbridge 1950s Kingfisher Norfolk Broads 1950s Beccles 1950s Beccles 1950s The coaster Zijpe on the River Yare Zijpe at Reedham 1950s St Olaves 1950s Wellington Pier and Winter Garden Great Yarmouth 1950s The Norfolk Broads 1950s Yachts on the Norfolk Broads 1950s Norfolk Broads 1950s Broads haven Potter Heigham 1950s Putting out the rubbish Meal preparations Norfolk Broads 1950s Norfolk Broads cottage 1950s Ludham Bridge 1950s Top << Pages 1-10

Continuing with photographs from the late 1940s/ 1950s photograph album.

Another of Jack Powles fleet - other photographs within the album indicate that this was B188 “Sonja”, a 3 berth cruiser with a single, open plan cabin/saloon with a small galley area and a W.C. and washbasin to the fore.

This was also taken on board “Sonja” which, in 1952, cost between £16 10 shillings and £23 10 shillings for a week’s hire.

Land based accommodation on the Broads 1950s style!

Another photograph taken at the same location.

Another holiday and another boat - this was B223 “Wanda”, a little 20ft, 2 berth cruiser from Jack Powles. A third person could be accommodated on the extending berth in the cabin. Presumably the couple took their grandson with them for the week.

Curtis Stores at Acle Bridge pictured in the 1950s. The Bridge Stores were established here by the Curtis family in 1921, selling a variety of provisions including fruit & vegetables, fresh and cooked meat, milk and cheese etc. They also operated a floating provisions boat called “Our Boys” which I have written about elsewhere on the website.

The Norfolk Broads 1950s The Noirfolk Broads 1950s Hunsett Mill 1950s Anchor Hotel Coltishall 1950s Newton's Corner Ludham 1950s Norfolk Broads 1950s Norfolk Broads 1950s Norfolk Broads 1950s

Watching the world go by on board “Wanda”.

Oulton Broad in the early 1950s. The motor cruiser seen moored in the background was Y167 “Commander 1” from Broom’s boatyard at Brundall. She slept six, was fitted with electric light and gas radiators and, in 1952, cost between £34 and £47 10 shillings for a week’s hire.


The couple pose on board “Wanda” at Oulton Broad Yacht Station - the old maltings building can be seen in the background.

Grandma and grandson on board “Wanda”.

A rather poor quality photo, but this shows the Locks Inn at Geldeston in the background. In his 1953 book, Harry Griffin mentioned the recent, much lamented passing of long time licensee Fred Morris. His successor was the infamous Susan Ellis who had worked alongside Fred at the remote pub.


Another photograph taken at Geldeston in the early to mid 1950s showing the moorings at the Locks Inn. Harry Griffin remarked that the cut below the Locks which led to the village was impassable to all except in a dinghy, but that few would bother leaving the charms of the Locks Inn to walk into the village.

The old footbridge which crossed the River Waveney at Geldeston Lock.

This was also possibly taken at Geldeston and shows W777 “Kingfisher” which was one of a class of three cruisers from J.E. Fletcher at Oulton Broad.

Moored alongside the River Waveney at Beccles in the mid 1950s. The group are sitting on board Y539 “Sea Gannet” from Alfred Ward. The 1956 brochure entry described the class as “A new type of cruiser of very attractive appearance. Finished in bright varnished mahogany.” The galley was equipped with “Osokool’ cold storage which used ice blocks that could be exchanged daily at Blakes boatyards.

Another photograph taken at the same location - you can see the distinctive chimney of Darby’s wood yard in the background.

The coaster Signality on the River Yare

The Dutch coaster “Zijpe” which was built for Wolfert Otte of Bruinisse in 1936. She was sold and renamed Adriana in the the late 1950s. In 1976 she collided with a fishing vessel and sank. “Regal Star” is moored in the foreground at what I believe must be Reedham.

Sea Gannet Norfolk Broads 1950s

In 1956, the four berth “Sea Gannet” cost between £19 and £37 10 shillings to hire for a week’s holiday.

Taken at the same location as the previous photo - this was one of F.T. Everard’s fleet, “Signality” which was built by George Brown & Co. Of Greenock in 1937. It was sold to a Greek company in 1967 and eventually broken up c1979.

Another photograph of the coaster “Zijpe” as she passes through Reedham.

“Regal Star” once again, see moored at St Olaves with Johnson’s boatyard seen in the background.

Great Yarmouth Seafront with Wellington Pier and the Winter Gardens seen in the background.

Riverside cottage.

The perennial pastime of negotiating your way safely through tacking yachts!

I’m unsure of the location here - is it possibly Malthouse or South Walsham Broad?

Herbert Woods Broads Haven boatyard at Potter Heigham, pictured in the mid 1950s.

Refuse disposal on the Norfolk Broads in the 1950s.

Meal preparation on board B223 “Wanda”.

Broadland cottage - is this possibly South Walsham?

The River Ant at Ludham Bridge pictured in the mid 1950s. There were two supply stores here and a 180ft deep artesian well on the quay for obtaining fresh water supplies. The hand pump for the well can be seen in other photographs within the gallery pages of Broadland Memories.

Hunsett Mill on The River Ant.

This was taken at the Anchor Hotel at Coltishall. Owned by the Morgans Brewery, the proprietors in the mid 1950s were John and Mary Hollis. A 1953 advert mentioned that dances were held every weekend in the Wherry Bar.

Sitting on benches carved with the name “Newton’s Corner” which I believe was in the village of Ludham.

Swabbing the decks on “Kingfisher”. In the background is A276 “Gliding Stream”which was hired from Southgates of Horning.

Another photograph taken at the same location as the previous image with “Kingfisher” seen in the foreground.

The final photograph from the collection, taken at an unknown location - possibly Stokesby?

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