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More of the collection of photographs taken by Donald Shields in 1904

On the Norfolk Broads 1904

Another picture of two crew members.

Beauchamp Arms 1904

The Beauchamp Arms at Buckenham Ferry on the River Yare.

Sailing on the River Yare 1904 Sailing on the River Yare 1904

The first of two pictures of an unknown sailing cruiser, once again, thought to have been taken on the River Yare in 1904.

Another picture of the same boat.

Whitlingham Church 1904 Potter Heigham Regatta 1904

St. Andrews Church at Whitlingham pictured in 1904. The church was already abandoned and in ruins at this time and, in 1940, the tower collapsed into the church due to land slipping away on the North side. All that remains today is a mound where the church once stood.

The first of a series of photographs taken by Donald of the Potter Heigham Regatta in 1904. The Broadland regattas were extremely popular events at this time, with wherries and boats dressed with flags lining the route to cheer the competitors along.

Potter Heigham Regatta 1904

More of the action from the regatta. Racing was a very serious affair in Edwardian times, with large wagers often placed on the outcome, and professional crews hired in by the owners of the boats. The boat in the foreground is the rater “Vixen”, sail number 22.

Potter Heigham Regatta 1904 Potter Heigham Regatta 1904

Another image from the 1904 regatta at Potter Heigham.

Another picture of “Vixen” who has sustained a broken spar during the racing at Potter heigham.

Potter Heigham Regatta 1904

Looking upstream towards the road and old rail bridge at Potter Heigham. The banks are lined with several wherries which made the perfect platform from which to view the action.

Norfolk Broads 1904 Norfolk Broads 1904

With little in the way of onboard and riverside facilities, a bucket came in handy for the morning wash! Thought to have been taken somewhere on the River Thurne.

This particular trip obviously included a walk to the beach. This is presumably the dunes at either Horsey or possibly Waxham. Note the camera being held which looks like an early Kodak Brownie.

Norfolk Broads 1904 Wherry Yacht Wildflower 1904

Charlie Shields on the left, poses with the other crew members at an unknown location. This is probably somewhere on the Upper Thurne, maybe Hickling or Horsey?

Again, this looks like it is taken on the Upper Thurne. This is the wherry yacht “Wildflower” which had a white, clinker built hull and was 45 feet in length with a 12 foot beam.

Pleasure Wherry Norfolk Broads 1904 Norfolk Broads 1904

An unknown pleasure wherry makes it’s way along the river.

Another unknown boat and location captured in 1904.

On the Norfolk Broads 1904

Charlie Shields at the helm.

On the Norfolk Broads 1904

A riverside picnic at an unknown location in 1904.

Norfolk Broads 1904

Another photograph of the same scene, an unidentified mill can be seen in the background.

On the Norfolk Broads 1904

Another unknown sailing cruiser. The man on the left is aiming his rifle at something in the distance, probably taking potshots at the local wildlife!

Norfolk Broads 1904

A stunning, large sailing cruiser approaches at an unknown location.

Swimming on the Norfolk Broads 1904

Taking a swim!  The rivers were much cleaner and clearer than they are today and bathing was a popular way of conducting your morning ablutions.  Until bathing costumes became widely available, gentleman were expected to take their morning dip before 8.00am and ladies were not supposed to emerge from their cabins before this time.

Norfolk Broads 1904

More photographs of the crew.

Norfolk Broads 1904

And another!

Norfolk Broads farmyard 1904

A wonderfully atmospheric photograph of a farm scene at an unknown location.

Horning 1904

The River Bure at Horning pictured in 1904, looking towards the Swan Inn which has a pleasure wherry moored alongside.

Horning Ferry Inn 1904

The Ferry Inn at Horning.

River Bure 1904

This was probably taken along the River Bure.

Norfolk Broads 1904

Another atmospheric scene at an unidentified location.

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