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More of Donald Shields photographs from 1903

Norfolk Broads houseboat crew 1903

Another photograph of the crew on board the houseboat.

Norfolk Broads 1903 Norfolk Broads houseboat 1903

The crew pose for another photograph.

Fishing from the houseboat - note the sail on top!

Reedlighter on the Norfolk Broads 1903

A heavily laden reedlighter makes it’s way along the river in 1903.

Norfolk Broads 1903

An unknown crew, but the boat is possibly “Mutual” from Wroxham..

The Norfolk Broads 1903

Another unknown location, but possibly looking across the River Bure to Wroxham Broad?

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads 1903 Sailing on the Norfolk Broads 1903

The first of two photographs of the sailing cruiser “Mutual”.

Another photograph of “Mutual” taken in 1903.

Shields Family picnic, Salhouse 1904

We move on to 1904 with a delightful picture of the Shield’s family picnic at Salhouse.

Shields Family at Salhouse 1904 George & Elizabeth Buckingham 1904

Another family outing to Salhouse in 1904.

This is believed to be George and Elizabeth Buckingham who founded the well known shoe shop in Swan Lane, Norwich.

Sailing on the River Yare 1904

The first of a series of photographs which are believed to have been taken during a sailing trip on the River Yare in 1904. This lugsail halfdecker features in several shots and was presumably hired along with their sailing cruiser.

Sailing on the River Yare 1904

It’s not quite clear what is going on here, but it looks as though they may be receiving a tow.

Sailing on the River Yare 1904 Sailing on the River Yare 1904

Sailing on the River Yare at Thorpe St. Andrew - the railway line can be seen in the background.

Another picture taken at Thorpe in 1904, with the railway bridge visible in the background.

Thorpe St Andrew 1904

Looking upstrean towards St. Andrew’s Church at Thorpe which was constructed between 1866 and 1882  and replaced and earlier 13th century church which stood on the same site.  Thorpe St. Andrew was known as the “Richmond” of Norfolk because of it’s stunning riverside properties and picturesque location.

Thorpe St Andrew 1904

A steam train passes over the rail bridge at Thorpe on what was part of the Mgreat Eastern rail line. This was the scene of one of the worst ever rail disasters in Norfolk when two trains collided in 1874, resulting in the loss of many lives.

Thorpe St Andrew 1904

Another steam locomotive, also believed to have been taken at Thorpe St. Andrew.

Sailing on the River Yare 1904 Sailing on the River Yare 1904

A stunning, counter sterned sailing cruiser, thought to be pictured on the River Yare in 1904.

Sailing the halfdecker again.

Sailing on the River Yare 1904

Charlie Shields, pictured on the right, with another unknown crew member.

The Norfolk Broads 1904

Time for reflection ... and another cigarette!

The Norfolk Broads 1904 Sailing on the River Yare 1904

This chap is clearly enjoying his stint at the helm!

Another picture of the halfdecker.

Cantley boatyards 1904

This has been identified as being a very rare photograph of the Woods and Newstead yard at Cantley during it’s heyday. At this time Cantley was a renowned sailing centre and popular fishing resort. The “Woods” was Ernest Woods who began building his Yare & Bure One Design “White Boats” here in 1908. This site was transformed in 1912 when the sugar factory was built.

Cantley boatyards 1904

Another photograph taken at Cantley in 1904, with Charlie Shields pictured second left, and Archie Shields on the far right.

On the Norfolk Broads 1904

Two unknown crew members pictured in 1904.

Sailing on the River Yare 1904

A very sleek sailing cruiser, thought to have been taken on the River Yare.

Surlingham Ice House 1904

This has been identified as having been taken at Surlingham Broad. The building in the background was the ice-house which once stood on the broad. In his book “Wherries & Waterways” the historian Robert Maltster described it this: “This thatched building, set on piles in the middle of the marsh, had an elevator operated by horse gear to which the ice was floated. The ice discharged into metal bins in which its own weight caused it to solidify into a block. Although apparently a very up-to-date affair, it does not seem to have been a financial success and closed down after only a fairly short life. It is said that the company which owned it never paid the timber merchants for the pitchpine which went into its construction, but the merchants recovered most of the timber when the ice house was demolished.

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