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1900-1949 History 1900-1949 Memories On Tow 1903

More of Donald Shields photographs from 1903

St Benets Abbey 1903

Towing the boat!

St. Benet’s Abbey on the River Bure, pictured in 1903.

Horsey Dyke cottage 1903

This cottage was also photographed by  John Payne Jennings in the 1890s - he identified as being located in Horsey Dyke.

Upper Thurne 1903

Following on from the previous picture, this looks like it could be somewhere on the upper Thurne, heading towards Hickling or Horsey.

The Norfolk Broads 1903

Two gentlemen rowing at an unknown location in 1903, their female companion is facing forward and steering the boat using rudder ropes.

Norfolk Broads boathouse 1903

A thatched, waterside summerhouse at an unknown location.

Norfolk Broads 1903

Moored at an unknown location in 1903, the crew appear to be shelling peas for their meal.

Norfolk Broads 1903

Fishing at another unknown location in 1903. Note the old phonograph propped up on the cabin roof and the pile of wax cylinders to run on it sitting beside the boat. As there was no volume control on the early phonographs and gramophones, it was not surprising that notes were being made in guide books by the 1920s to remind visitors that loud music should be kept down at night. It just goes to show that the problems of mooring next to a noisy boating party is not necessarily a modern phenomenon!

Potter Heigham 1903

The River Thurne, looking downstream from Potter Heigham Bridge in 1903. Several wherry masts can be seen along the riverbanks.

Swimming on the Norfolk Broads 1903

Swimming at an unknown location in 1903.

Norfolk Broads houseboat 1903 Norfolk Broads houseboat 1903

This strange little houseboat features in quite a few of Donald’s photographs and was equipped with a small sail on top and a large set of oars.

Another of the crew poses for Donald’s camera in 1903. The houseboat looks very much like those used by eel catchers.

Norfolk Broads houseboat 1903

Time for some liquid refreshment! Archie Shields can be seen pouring from the large, stone bottle.

South Walsham Broad 1903

I believe that this is South Walsham, taken from the bank on the inner broad, looking back towards the outer broad. The circular island you can see is still there today, although smaller in size. A steam boat can be seen on the right, probably taking passengers out for a day trip.

Norfolk Broads 1903

Archie Shields, pictured on the right, with unknown companions in 1903.

Norfolk Broads wildfowler 1903 Norfolk Broads wildfowler 1903

An unknown wildfowler and his dog, pictured in 1903.

Another wonderful photograph of the wildfowler with his companion.

Norfolk Broads crew 1903

Archie Shields on the left. It seems that everyone smoked in one form or another in 1903!

Wherries alomgside Horning Swan 1903

The Swan Inn at Horning pictured in 1903. The pleasure wherry in the foreground is “Dragon” who was launched in 1901 and owned, at this time, by the Norfolk Broads Yachting Company. More about Dragon can be found elsewhere in the archive. The pleasure wherry moored behind is possibly “Victory”.

Wherries alomgside Horning Swan 1903

Another photograph taken at the same time.

Norfolk Broads houseboat 1903

Another picture of the houseboat with the crew busily washing up.

Salhouse Broad & Hoveton Great Broad 1903

This is believed to have been taken from the hill above the eastern edge of Salhouse Broad, looking across the River Bure towards Hoveton Great Broad which can be seen in the background.

Ranworth 1903

A photograph taken at Ranworth in 1903. The Maltsters Inn can be seen on the left with Malthouse Broad in the background.

Ranworth 1903

An unknown location, but could possibly be Ranworth village in 1903?

Norfolk Broads houseboat 1903

A wonderfully atmospheric image of the houseboat taken at an unknown location.

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