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1900-1949 Photo Gallery

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Top Swan Family Norfolk Broads 2938 Swan Family Norfolk Broads 2938

Swan family No: 1” - some less rare birds of the Broads.

Swan family No: 2” - a perennial pastime!

Swan Family No: 3” - feeding the swans on Surlingham Broad.

Pauline at Bramerton Fetching water Norfolk Broads 1938 Fetching water Norfolk Broads 1938 Octagon Chapel Norwich 1938 Octagon Chapel Norwich 1938 Leaving Norwich 1938 Pauline entering Rockland Leisure moments Norfolk Broads 1938 Pauline turning in Rockland Our beauty chorus On Breydon Water Our party July 1938 Leaving Pauline at Great Yarmouth Near Surlingham 1938 A trip in the launch Surlingham Broad Entering Sur;lingham Broad

Continuing the tour of the souther rivers taken on board the motor cruiser “Pauline” in July 1938.

A trip in the launch” - I think that this photograph was taken near Brundall. It’s a photograph which appears in the book “Norfolk Broads - The Golden Years,” Philippa Miller’s memories of the Broads between the 1920s and 1950s which was published by Halsgrove in 2008. It gives further credence to the thought that the photographer may have had connections to the Miller family. Pauline’s size must have made it difficult to reach some of the narrower stretches of waterway around the Broads and the launch would have been perfect for such excursions.

Entering Surlingham Broad” - An excursion to view Surlingham Broad, or Bargate Broad to give it its correct title. A lovely sunny day by the looks of it.

Surlingham Broad” - a wider view of the Broad. Blake’s boating brochure described it as being “rather overgrown with weeds; it is also the breeding place of much of the Yare’s fishing, and a considerable number of rather rare birds congregate here.

Near Surlingham” - The passenger steamer in the background was the Yarmouth Belle which was owned by the Yarmouth and Gorleston Steamboat Company Ltd and it ran regular trips between Great Yarmouth and Norwich. She was sold  and moved to Kingston upon Thames in 1945 where she still operates today. In 2012 she was one of the historic vessels which took part in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee pageant.

Pauline at Bramerton” - as picturesque a mooring spot in 1938 as it is today.

An unknown location, but a lovely photograph of the youngest passenger with LNER railway company jugs in hand, off to fetch fresh water supplies. This would have been a daily task.

My favourite photograph of the set which follows on from the last image. Fresh water was often obtained at communal village pumps and taps as seen here - no blue hoses back in those days!

Octagon Chapel, Norwich” - As the name suggests, the chapel has eight sides and is perfectly octagonal. Built as a non-conformist place of worship in 1756, it was designed by the Norwich architect and timber merchant Thomas Ivory.

From the porch, Octagon Chapel” - Looking out towards Colegate. The building is now used by the Unitarians and has a grade 2* listing.

Leaving Norwich” - This a great shot showing the old power station on the left and warehouses on the right which stood just downstream of Trowse rail bridge. Both sites are now just waste ground. Pauline would no doubt have moored at the city Yacht Station which, according to Blake’s brochure, was under the charge of Mr E. Deane, A visit to Norwich, it continued: “will relieve the boredom of a wet day or add to the charm of a fine one.”

Pauline entering Rockland” - I certainly wouldn’t want to meet anything as large as Pauline whilst negotiating this dyke these days!

Leisure moments” - Skipper Dan Bedford at the helm.

Pauline turning on Rockland” - it looks as though Pauline didn’t venture too far into the broad. Blake’s brochure described it as “a pretty piece of water, rather overgrown with weeds, but naturalists never miss it.


Our Beauty Chorus” - the girls on deck, pictured somewhere on the River Yare.

Our Party July 1938” - All twelve of the passengers pose on deck for a group photograph.

On Breydon Water” - Nearing the end of the holiday, Pauline heads across Breydon to Great Yarmouth, the final destination of the week.

Leaving Pauline at Great Yarmouth” - The last photograph of the set was taken from Vauxhall Bridge. North Quay was the departure point at the end of the week’s cruise and where the next group of passengers would embark. The second week cruise took in Stokesby, Acle and Potter Heigham, with picnic excursions in the launch to Martham Horsey and Hickling. Ludham was next on the itinerary followed by a cruise to St Benet’s Abbey, South Walsham and Ranworth Broads, Horning, Salhouse Broad, ending the week at Wroxham. From there, the third week cruise included a picnic trip in the launch to Coltishall before cruising to the River Ant where the launch took the passengers up to Barton Broad and Stalham. Returning to Great Yarmouth, Pauline made her way back across Breydon to St Olaves (with a trip to Fritton Lake), Somerleyton and, finally, back to Oulton Broad. It’s a shame our photographer didn’t enjoy the full three week tour, but they certainly left behind an amazing record of their holiday aboard Pauline with this set of slides.

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