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1900-1949 Photo Gallery

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Sailing on the River Bure at Horning 1948 The Crew of the Valiant 1948 Peeling potatoes! Riverside Bungalow near Horning Ferry 1948 Sailing on Wroxham Broad 1948 Sailing on Wroxham Broad 1948 Sailing on the Norfolk Broads 1948 The natives are getting restless! On The Norfolk Broads 1948 Bure Court Hotel, Wroxham 1948 On the River Bure at Wroxham, 1948 Anchor Hotel moorings, Coltishall 1948 The Anchor Hotel, Coltishall 1948 Valiant at Coltishall 1948 Cruising on The Norfolk Broads 1948 Crew of The Valiant, 1948 Crew of The Valiant, 1948 Crew of The Valiant, 1948 Crew of The Valiant, 1948 Dinner on board Valiant, 1948 Dinner on board Valiant, 1948 Dinner on board Valiant, 1948 Frying tonight! Afternoon tea on the Norfolk Broads, 1948 The Queen of the Broads 1948 On tow, The Norfolk Broads 1948 On tow, The Norfolk Broads 1948 Ludham Bridge 1948 Crew of the Valiant, Norfolk Broads 1948

More from the collection of photographs which were taken by Roger Mellor in 1948.

Another shot taken whilst cruising through Horning. You can see the boat sheds of H.C. Banham on the right.

Another view of Valiant, taken at an unknown location in 1948.

One of the riverside houses alongside Ferry Reach at Horning.

Potatoes were always a staple of the boating store cupboard and this is just one of a number of photographs within the archives which show a crew member peeling spuds. Taken on the River Bure near Horning with the distinctive thatched summerhouse of Burefield seen in the background on the left.

A small sailing/rowing dinghy was included within the hire price of motor cruisers. Three of the holiday party take to the water in Valiant's tender.

Heading towards what looks like Wroxham Broad in the background.

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads in 1948.

Larking around for the camera with, perhaps, a tongue-in-cheek reference to some of the crew’s WW2 experiences here.

Keeping everything ship-shape on board Valiant.

The Bure Court Hotel at Wroxham, pictured by Roger Mellor in 1948.

Following a sailing cruiser along the River Bure through Wroxham with the Bure Court Hotel seen in the background on the left.

The Anchor Hotel moorings at Coltishall, pictured during the summer of 1948.

The Anchor Hotel at Coltishall which was owned by Morgans Brewery. The licensee at this time was George Neal and the hotel advertised hot baths and home-cooked meals available for boaters and boasted an 18 hole putting green.

Feeding a family of swans. I believe that this was also taken whilst moored alongside the Anchor Hotel at Coltishall.

More swans - cruising at an unknown location in 1948.

An unidentified member of the holiday group aboard Valiant in 1948.

It’s always sad not to be able to put names to faces in these old photographs.

The lads enjoy the company of a feline guest aboard Valiant.

Another photograph of Valiant’s crew in 1948.

Lunch, or dinner, which appears to consist of fish, meat, french beans, mashed potato and chutney.

Another photograph of the crew tucking into a hearty meal.

Time for pudding!

Cooking alfresco on board Valiant.

The lads enjoy a spot af afternoon tea at an unknown location. You can see the top of a rather nice Norton motorcycle in the foreground.

The Queen of the Broads was probably one the most famous, and longest serving passenger boats on the Norfolk Broads. Built by Critten’s boatyard at Cobholm Island, Great Yarmouth and launched in 1889, The Queen of the Broads provided trips for thousands of holidaymakers over the years until she was finally withdrawn from service in 1976.

On tow. A frowned upon practice today, but clearly not a modern phenomenon amongst all male groups!

More water based shenanigans!

The artesian well water pump at Ludham Bridge.

The final photograph from the lads 1948 holiday on board the motor cruiser Valiant.

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