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1900-1949 History 1900-1949 Memories

1900-1949 Photo Gallery

Feeding swans c1917 Salhouse Broad c1917 Salhouse Broad c1917 South Walsham church ruin c1917 Sailing on the Norfolk Broads c1917 Riverside Bungalow on the Norfolk Broads c1917 Wroxham Bridge c1917 The Norfolk Broads c1917 On the River Bure c1918

Another in the set taken at Horning c1918. It’s interesting to note that the skipper seen here, and the young lad who was the attendant would not have been eligible for conscription during the war due to their age - see the previous page for more information regarding compulsory conscription.

Horning c1918

Horning Riverside c1918, with the Swan Hotel and the maltings seen in the background.

Horning c1918

The River Bure at Horning again, taken at the same time as the previous photograph.

On the Norfolk Broads c1918 Great Yarmouth Yachting Station c1918

Great Yarmouth Yachting Station c1918 with an unidentified wherry seen in the background.

Horning c1918

Heading upstream on the River Bure with the Swan Hotel at Horning seen in the background on the right.

Potter Heigham c1918

The boat shed in the background on the left of this photograph belonged to the Potter Heigham branch of the Norfolk Broads Yachting Company, the old road bridge is just out of shot to the left. Walter Woods was the manager of the yard here and when the company went into liquidation in 1917, Walter purchased the yard and established Walter Woods & Sons. I had thought that this image was from 1918, but maybe it is a year earlier. The riverside area you can see in the background was  developed into the Broads Haven Marina by Walter’s son Herbert Woods in the early 1930s as the home for the famous Light Cruisers fleet.

Great Yarmouth Yachting Station c1918

Another photograph taken at Great Yarmouth c1918.  Unfortunately, you can only see a few letters of the name of the yacht on the life ring, but it looks as though it could possibly be “Kingfisher”.

Riverside bungalows at Potter Heigham c1918

Riverside bungalows on the Thurne, looking downstream towards the old rail bridge at Potter Heigham c1918.

Riverside bungalow c1918

This is the riverside bungalow and houseboat which you can see in the previous photograph.

Holiday party on the Norfolk Broads c1918

The final two photographs from this album were taken at the same location. The river is quite narrow - could it possibly be the upper Thurne?


More from the First World War era Norfolk Broads photograph album.

Feeding a fine brood of cygnets on the Norfolk Broads c1917. The sailing cruiser “Mavis” can be seen in the background once again.

This looks to have been taken at Salhouse Broad.

Another photograph which appears to have been taken at Salhouse Broad c1917.

The ruined church tower of St. Lawrence at South Walsham. The church was gutted by fire in 1827 and was largely abandoned and left to go to ruin, only the chancel was repaired and was later used as a schoolhouse. The tower was still standing up until 1971 when it suffered two disasters in short succession - firstly it was struck by lightening and then the sonic boom from a low flying aircraft caused it to collapse.

I think this must be “Mavis” once again.

The bungalow “Willow Bend” on the River Bure at Wroxham. The bungalow was one of several properties which were built along Beech Road during the late Victorian/Edwardian era on land which had been part of the Wroxham House estate. The bungalow was rebuilt and extended in 2013 and is available to hire as a holiday home.

Wroxham Bridge pictured c1917.

Unidentified sailing cruiser c1917-1918 - I wonder if this might be “Kingfisher” which is possibly seen in photographs taken at Great Yarmouth further down this page.

The two ladies of the holiday party pose for the camera on the cabin roof.

Horning Ferry Mill c1918

The smock mill which stood near Horning Ferry, a scene which is pretty much unrecognisable today as the area has been heavily developed over the years. The mill itself was converted for use as a holiday home in the mid 1930s with a single story extension built around the base and a pair of smaller, dummy sails added for effect. It’s now a much photographed landmark as the little white mill which stands just upstream of the Ferry Inn.

Norfolk Broads cottage c1918

I haven’t been able to identify this building as yet - is it a private house, or a pub maybe?

Bathing on the Norfolk Broads c1918

Taking the plunge! Bathing on the Norfolk Broads c1918.

Riverside bungalow at Wroxham c1918

The River Bure at Wroxham c1918.

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads c1918

Unidentified location on the Norfolk Broads c1918.

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