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Continuing with the Andrew Day collection of photographs taken in the late 1920s

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads c1929

An unknown sailing cruiser, photographed in the late 1920s.

1900-1949 Photo Gallery

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads c1929 Sailing on the Norfolk Broads c1929

Another sailing cruiser - the chap standing on the forepeak appears to be uniformed, possibly the boat’s attendant.

Yet another unknown sailing cruiser pictured in the late 1920s.

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads c1929 Oulton Broad 1920s

Passing another sailing cruiser in the late 1920s.

“Hickling” pictured moored at Oulton Broad Yacht Station - Leo Robinson’s stores can be seen in the background.

Oulton Broad 1920s

Another photograph taken at Oulton Broad in the late 1920s with the old maltings in the background. I haven’t been able to identify the motor cruiser, but it may be one of Leo Robinson’s fleet.

Oulton Broad 1920s

This was also taken at Oulton Broad - the boat in the foreground is called “Blackbird” and looks as though it may have been a racing power boat, although I have been unable to find any information so far to confirm that.

Lowestoft 1920s

The friends must have taken a sea trip whilst moored at Oulton Broad as this photograph shows Lowestoft seafront and harbour entrance.

Motor cruiser Seamew c1929

This is the first photograph from the second holiday which the friends took c1929. “Seamew” was hired from Alfred Ward’s yard at Thorpe St. Andrew and was 34ft in length with a 10ft 6” beam, sleeping 6 people. The listing in Blakes 1929 brochure said that Seamew had been refitted for that season and had a “very silent and efficient” 18hp, 6 cylinder Buick engine with reverse gear. It also had electric lighting and starting equipment, wheel steering with “one man control” and had a large, fresh water tank under the well floor with pump to sink! Cooking was done via a Valor Perfection stove with oven and the cost of a weeks hire was between £11 10 shillings and £15 10 shillings per week.

Motor Cruiser Seamew c1929 Motor Cruiser Seamew c1929

An extremely atmospheric shot showing Seamew moored at an unknown location, but almost certainly on the southern rivers.

Another photograph of Seamew taken at the same location.

Motor Cruiser Seamew c1929

Another view of Seamew c1929.

The Norfolk Broads 1929 Crew of Seamew c1929

Two bathing beauties from the crew pose for the camera in a photograph which is so evocative of the era.

Taken at the same location to the previous image, the three male crew members are pictured onboard Seamew c1929.

Cruising on the Norfolk Broads 1929

Cruising on the southern rivers c1929.

Coldham Hall c1929

Coldham Hall Inn pictured c1929.

The Norfolk Broads c1929

A river scene which looks as though it may have been taken on the Yare.

Wherry Yacht Norfolk Broads c1929 Cruising on the Norfolk Bro9ads c1929

An unidentified wherry yacht c1929.

Cruising on the southern rivers c1929.

River Waveney c1929

A lovely photograph of the crew onboard Seamew moored on the River Waveney between Oulton Broad and Beccles.

Burgh St Peter c1929 Beccles Regatta c1929

Passing a sailing cruiser at Burgh St. Peter on the River Waveney - the quirky tower of St. Mary’s church can be seen in the background. The main body of the church is medieval and, like many others, had fallen into a state of disrepair by the end of the 18th century. The local lords of the manor, the Boycotts, were also ministers at the church and, in 1793, Samuel Boycott was granted permission to build a new church tower. The design was supposedly based on a church which his son had seen whilst on a grand tour of Italy and Boycott saw it as a fitting mausoleum for the family burials within the church.

The first of three photographs which were taken at Beccles Regatta c1929. Here we see three of the International 14 class - sail number K57 is “Ketchup” which was owned by Alan Colman and built by Ernest Collins at Cantley in 1926. K129 was called “Boomerang” and was owned by Alan’s sister, Beryl Colman. K179 is “Echo” and was built for H.F. Edwards in 1929 by Frank Morgan Giles. (My thanks to Jamie Campbell for identifying and providing the information on the boats featured in these photographs of Beccles Regatta)

Beccles Regatta c1929

Another photograph taken at Beccles Regatta c1929. The large motor cruiser moored in the foreground on the left was “Olive” which had been converted from sail and was owned by the Clabburn family. The launch moored alongside was a Brooke Seacar named “Pusher”.

Beccles Regatta c1929

The final photograph taken at Beccles shows more of the International 14’s racing - K55 was “Worry” which was built in 1928 by Uffa Fox for W.L. Clabburn, who is probably seen sailing here.

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station c1929

Moored at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station c1929.

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station c1929

Another photograph taken at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station.

Thorpe St Andrew c1929

Thorpe St. Andrew c1929 with some of Alfred Ward’s fleet lined up in the foreground, next to Thorpe Gardens. “Sealion” was one of a class of three motor cruisers, the others being “Seahawk” and “Sea Warrior”, which were 28ft in length with a 9ft beam. The class were built between 1927 and 1929 and the Blakes brochure told us that: “every endeavour has been made to produce a comfortable, easily-handled, and extremely attractive craft”. These 4 berth cruisers cost between £11 and £14 10 shillings for a week’s hire in 1929. In the foreground is “Swallow” which was of similar size to Sealion and also slept 4 - by 1933 she had disappeared from the Blakes brochure so had either been sold, or possibly renamed.

Ernest Collins boatyard Wroxham c1930

The friends returned for another holiday on the Broads, but this time decided to hire a sailing cruiser. Here we see the men of the group posing for the camera at Wroxham - in the background you can see the boatsheds of Ernest Collins & Sons.

Norfolk Broads 1930s Bure Court Wroxham 1930s

Another photograph of the holiday party onboard their yacht c1930. The thatched building in the background looks very familiar, but I haven’t been able to place it yet!

This is Bure Court at Wroxham, pictured c1930 when it was a private house. It was later converted for use as a hotel and became a very popular watering hole during the 1950s and 1960s. Sadly, the building was destroyed c1975 after a major fire broke out.

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads c1930

The final photograph from this collection shows the crew sailing c1930.

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