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Potter Heigham 1910

Continuing with the collection of photographs taken by Joseph Benson between 1902 and 1912

Potter Heigham 1910 - on the right is the boatyard of George Applegate Jnr whose father, George Snr. had started the yard here in the 1880s. Later photographs show the boatshed on the left as being owned by Bob Applegate but I believe that it was still owned by Walter Woods in 1910.

Potter Heigham 1910

Potter Heigham Bridge in 1910 - to the right, where the bridge pilots office now stands, was the boatyard of the Norfolk Broads Yachting Company.

Acle Regatta 1910

Acle Regatta 1910.

Acle Regatta 1910

This was also labelled as having been taken at Acle Regatta in 1910. The pleasure wherry is Hathor, with a rather nice steam launch in the foreground.

Acle 1910 Great Yarmouth 1910

Crewmates “John & Foster” pictured at Acle on “Blue Diamond” from Ernest Collins.

John, Foster and Harold at Great Yarmouth in 1910.

Great Yarmouth Yacht Station 1910

Another photograph taken at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station in 1910. The young ladies on the right appear the be dressed in their Sunday best!

Great Yarmouth 1910

Another view of the quay at Great Yarmouth with an unknown trading wherry in the foreground.

Great Yarmouth 1910

This was also taken at Great Yarmouth and shows another holiday party, with attendants, on board “Iona” which was a 7 ton, 37ft Victorian cutter which was owned by J.Sherwood at St. Olaves. Iona had previously been owned by A.R.Brown of St. Olaves who also operated two other cruising yachts - Olga and Surprise. (My thanks go to Mike Barnes for supplying the information)

Reedham Quay in 1910. In the foreground you can see two stacks of bricks which are presumably waiting to be be loaded onto a wherry to be transported away. The Reedham brickworks was located at the north end of Mill Road near to the railway line. Trade directories from the time seem to indicate that brick making stopped in the village soon after this photograph was taken. The Brickmakers Arms public house, which closed in 1914, stood at the bottom of School Hill, on the corner of Riverside Road, beside the Ship Inn. In the far distance are the boatsheds of the Hall family where, amongst others, the pleasure wherries Hathor and Solace, and the passenger steamer The Jenny Lind were built. It is thought that the Hall’s boatbuilding business had finished by 1910, and the yard was taken over by the Reedham Dock Company. In 1932 it was bought by Herbert Sanderson and it remains in the family to this day.

Riverside bungalow 1912

A riverside bungalow, possibly on the Thurne at Potter Heigham, photographed by Joseph in 1912.

Catfield Staithe 1912

A beautiful photograph of Catfield Dyke - the trading wherry may possibly be “Violet”.

Ludham Bridge 1912

Ludham Bridge in 1912.

Blue Diamond Norfolk Broads 1912

Jospeh hired “Blue Diamond” from Ernest Collins again for the 1912 holiday, seen here moored at an unknown location but possibly on the southern rivers. A pleasure wherry can be seen approaching in the background.

Blue Diamond Norfolk Broads 1912

Another photograph of Blue Diamond, this time moored at Great Yarmouth. This was titled as “John, Mamie and self” so we can assume that Joseph Benson is the gentleman on the right. Blue Diamond was 38ft in length with a 10ft beam.

Great Yarmouth 1912

Another photograph taken at Great Yarmouth.

Great Yarmouth 1912

The third and last photograph of Great Yarmouth from 1912.

St Olaves 1912

The final photograph in the Benson Collection was taken on the River Waveney at St. Olaves in 1912.

We move on to the late 1920s and early 1930s for the next set of photographs, which come from the collection of Andrew Day. I know nothing about the people featured, but the photographs appear to have been taken over the course of at least three holidays which were taken by a group of friends c1928-1930.

Horning late 1920s

The first photograph shows the group of six friends standing on the motor cruiser “Hickling” at the start of their holiday in the late 1920s. Hickling was hired from H.T. Percival’s yard at Horning, and the photograph was probably taken there.

Cruising on the Norfolk Broads 1920s

Crusing on the river onboard “Hickling” at an unidentified location. Hickling was 36ft in length with a 9ft 6” beam and could sleep up to 7 people. In 1929, the cost of a weeks hire was between £12 and £15 10 shillings.

Norfolk Broads 1920s

This photograph must have been taken at the same time as the previous image, as this small motor cruiser can be seen in the background following the crew onboard Hickling.

On the Norfolk Broads late 1920s On the Norfolk Broads late 1920s

Two of the crew members pose on the cabin roof.

Another of the crew of “Hickling” from the late 1920s.

On the Norfolk Broads late 1920s

The third in the series of crew photographs.

Relaxing on the forepeak in the late 1920s.

On the Norfolk Broads late 1920s

This looks to have been taken at the same location as the previous photograph.

Acle c1929

The motor cruiser Hickling moored at Acle in the late 1920s - you can just about make out the old, three arched, stone bridge in the background. Hickling was fitted with a 4 cylinder, 16/20hp Mitchell engine and the brochure mentions that cooking and lighting was by A.L. Compressed gas, although this was optional as primus stoves and lamps could be supplied instead. Presumably, people were very wary of the use of bottled gas onboard in those days! Interestingly, by 1933, Hickling was advertised by Percival’s as being available for hire as a static houseboat only, or it could be moved and moored a mile away from Horning with advance notice.

Motor cruiser Hickling saloon

The crew seated at the table in Hickling’s saloon.

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