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More of Joseph Benson’s photographs

Norfolk Broads boathouse 1905

We move on to 1905 when Joseph returned for another holiday on the Broads - this is the same boathouse which he had photographed three years earlier.

Cottages at Ranworth 1905

Bundles of reed outside at cottage at Ranworth - once again, John Payne Jennings had photographed this cottage in the 1880s, albeit from a different angle.

Villagers, Norfolk Broads 1905

A lovely image which captures some of the local residents outside their cottage. The lady on the right is standing beside a well which would probably have been the only source of fresh water for the house at this time.

Norfolk Broads 1905

A tranquil scene which looks as though it was taken at Wroxham Broad.

Pleasure wherry 1905

Another unidentified pleasure wherry with a mixed party onboard - there would have been separate cabins for ladies and gentlemen. It is interesting to see that the sail has its “bonnet” laced onto the bottom which increased the sail area to take maximum advantage of the available wind.

Irstead 1905

The church of St. Michael at Irstead with bundles of reed stacked in the foreground.

Irstead 1905

Another view of St. Michael’s church at Irstead from 1905 in which you can clearly see that the roof was in the process of being re-thatched.

Thurne Mill 1905

The holiday party moored in front of Thurne Dyke windpump in 1905. The yacht appears to be one of the 30ft, sloop-rigged, “Norman” class of sailing cruisers which were built by Ernest Collins.

River Thurne farm 1905

The view looking across the main river from Thurne Dyke windpump to the farm which once stood on the riverbank there.

Norfolk Broads 1905

The sailing cruiser “Skylark” - I am not certain, but I think that this may have been taken in Thurne Dyke itself, the building which is now the Lion Inn was still a farmhouse in 1905 and would have been hidden behind the trees you see in the background.

Houseboat at Potter Heigham 1905

A houseboat moored at Potter Heigham in 1905. As yet, I haven’t been able to identify what this was - it almost looks like a pleasure wherry but there is no mast, nor does there appear to have been room for one with the cabin structure as it is.

Potter Heigham 1905

I think that this is probably High’s Mill at Potter Heigham which was built by the Stalham millwright, William Rust c1875. The mill still stands upstream of the road bridges, although the sails have now gone, and the dyke which once connected it to the main river has been filled in.

Acle Bridge 1907

Joseph and his companions returned to the Broads in 1907 - the first photograph shows the old Acle Bridge where a very large houseboat dominates the scene.

Sailing on the Norfolk Broads 1907

Messing about in the small sailing dinghy which would have been included in the hire fee.

Lunchtime on the Norfolk Broads 1907

Three of the crew sat behind a table laden with food for their lunch, most of which would have been purchased locally. Amongst the treats on offer there appears to be bread, spring onions, strawberries, either apples or tomatoes and a selection of bottled beers! The gentleman on the far right was John Benson who was Joseph’s uncle.

Norman class river cruiser 1907

The party hired one of the “Norman” class of sailing cruisers once again for their holiday in 1907.

Potter Heigham 1907

Another photograph of what I think may be High’s Mill at Potter Heigham.

Norfolk Broads farm workers 1907

A charming photograph of some local characters which was taken by Joseph in 1907 - although the chap second on the right does bear an uncanny resemblance to former Monty Python star, Eric Idle!

Ludham Bridge 1907

Quanting through Ludham Bridge.

Wroxham 1907

The final photograph from 1907 shows the holiday party, suitcases packed, posing for the camera in Wroxham at the end of their holiday. The boat sheds of Ernest Collins can be seen in the background.

Clippesby Mill 1907

This is Clippesby Mill on the River Bure, pictured when it still had its sails attached and was presumably a working mill. The tower had four storeys and is believed to have been rebuilt at the beginning of the 19th century  from what remained of an earlier mill. It was apparently converted for use as a very basic holiday home in the late 1950s but was struck by lightening in 1978 and is now derelict.

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