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1900-1949 History 1900-1949 Memories << Pages 1-10 Sailing on Barton Broad c1910

More of the photographs taken by Donald Shields c1910

Sailing on Barton Broad c1910

Dinghy on Barton”  One of the skippers is at the helm as some of the party sail round Barton in Bertha’s lugsailed tender.

“Moonlight”  Another photograph taken on Barton Broad.

Barton Broad 1910

“Ashing in Dinghy”  Preparing the dinghy whilst underway.

On Sandhills 1910

“On Sandhills by E”  This was taken by one of the other members of the group as Donald Shields can be seen second from the left. A trip to the beach - possibly Horsey, Waxham or Sea Paling.

Lunch on the beach 1910

“Lunch on Beach”  A picnic lunch was presumably taken along by the party.

Asleep on the beach c1910

“Asleep on Beach”  The party relax after their lunch.

Bathing on the Norfolk Broads c1910

“Bathing” A wonderful shot of the chaps on the fore peak after their morning bathe. Swimming costumes were rarely worn and gentlemen were advised to bathe before 8.00am to spare the blushes of any ladies who may be present or nearby. Ladies were not supposed to emerge from their cabins before this time.

Wherry skippers Norfolk Broads c1910

“Laurie with Skippers” A great photograph of the two attendants sailing Bertha.

The Norfolk Broads c1910 The Norfolk Broads c1910

“Long of it” One of the group poses for Donald’s camera.

“Long & Short of it” Another take on the same theme.

The Norfolk Broads c1910 Ranworth Church c1910

“C Havers on Lookout”  Quite what the chap at the bottom of the picture is doing, I’m not sure!

“At Church”  I believe that this is the entrance to St. Helen’s Church at Ranworth.

Wherry skippers Norfolk Broads c1910

“Skippers & Friend”  Another lovely photograph of the crew. Presumably they gave a friend a lift on this day - or were making a couple of shillings from a fare paying passenger!

Wherry skippers Norfolk Broads c1910

“Group with Skippers”  The friends pose with the skippers.

Wherry skippers Norfolk Broads c1910 Wherry Bertha at Potter Heigham c1910

“Skippers with Jalney”  One of the group enjoying a beer with the crew beside what almost look like fish baskets? I wonder whether the two attendants were related as they do seem to share some similar facial features. I have been unable to pinpoint the location so far.

“Wherry sail up”  The group onboard the wherry Bertha at Potter Heigham. “Dutch Tutch” can be seen in the background. This had originally been part of the helter skelter which stood at the entrance to Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth. When the pier caught fire in 1909, the helter skelter also sustained damage. Part of it was moved to Potter Heigham in 1910 where the base became a holiday cottage whilst the top was placed in the garden to be used as an outside toilet.

Norfolk Broads c1910

“Allen on his boat”  Donalds great-nephew, John Jollivet, thinks that this may have been a relative on his great grandmother’s side of the family.

Horning c1910

“All in a row, Horning” It appears that the party made their way back to Horning where they met up with their wives for a regatta. This photograph was taken on the lawn of the Swan Hotel at Horning.

Wherry Bertha saloon c1910

“Ladies in Cabin, Wickes”  Another photograph taken in Bertha’s saloon with afternoon tea laid out on the table.

Wherry Bertha interior c1910

“Ladies in Cabin, & Gladys”  Looking along the table in the opposite direction in the saloon. The ghostly lady, second on the right, has her elbow resting on a small wherry piano. Above the piano is a framed set of photographs which show four previous holidays taken by the R.A.O.I. group. Note the beer bottles lined up behind the basket!

Horning Regatta c1910

“Ladies on Cabin, Fanny laughing”  Everybody lined up on the cabin roof to watch the regatta, which I think is probably at Horning c1910. Fanny, at the front of the picture, was Archie Shields wife.

Riverside bungalow Wroxham c1910

“Bungalow boat in front” Riverside bungalows on the River Bure at Wroxham. At this time, planning permission was not needed and you could build wherever you wanted to. During the Edwardian era, many holiday cottages began to appear at various locations around the Norfolk Broads - most notably at Potter Heigham, Wroxham and Horning on the northern rivers.

Riverside bungalow Wroxham c1910

“Spain’s Bungalow”  This is actually “The Glade” on the River Bure at Wroxham which featured in several postcards of the time. Lying off Beech Road, this area of the village was developed during the very early years of the 20th century. The land had been part of the Wroxham House estate which was owned by the Humfrey’s,  but as the appeal of holidays in Broadland increased they sold off parcels of land and several ornate holiday bungalows with boatsheds and lagoons were built.

Riverside bungalow Wroxham c1910

“Bungalow with Houseboat”  Another of the riverside bungalows lying off Beech Road at Wroxham. Interestingly, the houseboat appears to be the same one which featured in Donald Shields earlier collection of photographs from 1903.

Going home Norfolk Broads c1910

“Fore Peak Going Home, by E”  The group pose on the fore peak at the end of their holiday - Wroxham Bridge can be seen in the background. Donald Shields is seen in the centre of the picture holding a straw boater.

Going Home Norfolk Broads c1910

“Our Waggon” The last photograph from this collection shows the group on board a horse drawn cart, presumably bound for the Wroxham and Hoveton railway station. The array of masts lined up in the background beautifully illustrates the popularity of Wroxham as a starting and finishing point for sailing holidays during this era.

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